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4 Best pros of using Kotlin for Android development

Kotlin is the programming language that has gotten the attention of many developers over the last four years, particularly in the wake of Google’s announcement #IO17 allowing the language as an official one for Android applications. What makes this language unique, what are the advantages of Kotlin, and how can it benefit your business? Kotlin is popular with app development UK companies because of its simple appearance and powerful features. Its purpose isn’t to introduce new ideas but rather to integrate the elements of programming languages that have proven effective for large-scale projects. So in this article, we will discuss the major benefits of Kotlin.

What’s Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source programming language designed for Java. It is a programming language for Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which can be used wherever Java is utilized today (practically everywhere). This includes client, server web, and Android development. It was created by JetBrains, which is currently working on bringing Kotlin for embedded systems as well as iOS, in addition to possibly becoming a single-source programming language that can be used in many applications.

Who is utilizing Kotlin?

While Kotlin is a tool that can be utilized wherever Java is utilized (and is expected to be used in many more locations) however, it is most commonly utilized to aid in Android application development, which is promoted through Google’s support. App development UK Companies using Kotlin to remain competitive comprise Google, Trello/Atlassian, Pinterest, Kickstarter and Uber, to only a handful.

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Benefit of Kotlin:

  1. Kotlin lets you write more minor codes:

  • The code should be less complex, but it is also vital to have readability, which must be considered and enhanced. 
  • With Kotlin, you get both. JetBrains tried their best to make Kotlin as simple as they could, and they were able to achieve this feat.
  • When done properly, the less code you write will result in fewer bugs. If you let Kotlin take care of some of the mundane aspects of coding, you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your work. 
  • Kotlin is about simple readability, ease of use, and the ease of the application development procedure.
  1. It solves developer challenges:

  • Kotlin was a product of the industry and not from academia. JetBrains needed a tool simpler than Java to integrate with their leading software named IntelliJ IDEA, totally written within it.
  • They looked at other options but weren’t satisfied and decided to develop the language they wanted to use. The idea was to create an efficient tool that could work with Java and be used wherever Java could be used.
  • Also, Kotlin solves challenges faced by the programmer. For instance, the type system lets to prevent Null Pointer Out of Order exceptions. Academic languages used in research typically do not use null. 
  • However, this is useless to software engineers with vast codebases and APIs that have null.
  1. Kotlin can be adopted easily:

  • Suppose you’re looking to simplify the maintenance of your product or speed up the custom Android app development UK process. 
  • In that case, you could designate two or three engineers to transfer the project into Kotlin, starting with a small portion of the source code base.
  1. Kotlin can be fully integrated with Java:

  • Another benefit is that Kotlin programming language can be used with Java. 
  • Kotlin app development UK companies can access all Java frameworks and libraries while writing more concise and clear code.
  • Therefore, Android engineers can use both languages to build mobile applications and migrate their apps from Java to Kotlin.
  • If you’re working on an enormous Java-based application with millions of lines of code, you can change it into Kotlin one file and see it working. 
  • In BLAKIT, you write your code using Kotlin and utilize Java exclusively to maintain older projects.
  1. It does not impose any running time overhead:

  • The library standard is tiny and compact: it mainly comprises specific enhancements to the Java basic library.
  • The heavy use of compile-time inclining indicates that functional constructs like pipelines that map/filter/reduce can compile similarly in an imperative variant of the identical code.
  1. Kotlin has a vibrant community:

  • JetBrains is constantly making improvements to the language. 
  • It is committed to the development of this project. 
  • It has a substantial and highly skilled team working on it, has a solid business model, and is converting portions of its main product to utilize the language.
  1. Kotlin makes it suitable for multi-platform development:

  • Android creation isn’t all you need to use Kotlin to accomplish. Kotlin offers JavaScript integration and compatibility, allowing developers to transfer their frontends over to Kotlin or even create them right from the beginning.
  • Furthermore, the app development UK companies also added Gradle support so that you could write Gradle files within Kotlin. 
  • Is kotlin only for android? They are working on developing Kotlin/Native, which also allows iOS applications to be created. This means you can create native applications using the language.
  1. Kotlin development gives more security:

  • The Kotlin developers have incorporated into the semantics the fundamentals that help avoid a myriad of common errors that occur when programming. 
  • Another reason Kotlin has a higher level of security (compared with Java) is its advantages.
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Conclusion: The benefits to business by changing to Kotlin:

Since it is less susceptible to faults and is secure, the application will be simpler and more affordable. Kotlin can also speed up development because it is shorter, and rough estimates suggest that it could reduce as high as 40% of the code compared to Java.

A smaller number of lines of code means less time spent coding means less money is used on development. There’s also an automated Kotlin-to-Java converter available here.

Kotlin is growing to become more universal, meaning that you’ll be able to move your application between platforms when necessary. The framework is fresh, efficient and thrilling and attracts top developers.

It allows the execution of similar tasks using less effort and time. In addition, when the code is clear and simple to comprehend, mistakes are much more challenging to correct and easier to identify, which means the likelihood of them being eliminated significantly for more assistance in contact with O2SOFT. 

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