Books to read on religion and spirituality

3 Best Books to read on religion and spirituality

If you are looking for ways to become spiritually inclined, then these three non-fiction books listed below will help you achieve it.

What is the Bible?

What is the Bible by Rob Bell offering a contemporary and a modern-day approach to the Bible? In order to decode the real meaning of the Bible, it becomes important to understand how it was interpreted by the locals when it was first written. Many anecdotes that are part of The Bible were initially the stories that are passed down from generation to generation. The Bible was jotted down by the Jewish community therefore is from the point of view of that community. 

If you read The Bible carefully, you will understand that almost all the stories included in it are modern, relevant, and induce change. The religious readers understand the meaning of the stories written in The Bible. Because of which understanding this becomes difficult for the contemporary readers. In that case, understanding the connotation behind the stories helps.

The Bible is written from the point of view of ordinary human beings therefore it is highly relatable. Some people believe that the stories written in the Bible are barbarous and ruthless. It is true in a sense because they are written by the Jewish community who were the oppressed class and were subjected to a lot of violence. But the authors made sure to conclude this religious text on a note of positivity and kindness. They stated that in order to experience God’s love, a person must be truly kind and forgiving.

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The author believes that if a person really wants to experience some change after reading The Bible, then one must keep an open mind and read it with inquisitiveness in order to believe in its power of transformation.

If you want to understand What is Bible in detail, then you can read the book summaries and audiobook summaries on the RollingSlate website.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra talks about taking advantage of the universe’s copious resources to tap into your own potential. He states that a person can literally achieve what the heart desires by appreciating the present and if he/ she starts believing in the cosmic energy of the universe. The author, Deepak Chopra jots down seven foundational rules to receive what you desire.

It is rightly said that a person has the ability to find his true self if his intentions are right and is willing to let go of the ego. Want to experience it? Then taking a silent walk-in nature or practicing mindful meditation can be of great help. It diminishes your ego and makes you realise that you are a part of this massive nature and not some separate entity.

The second law mentioned in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is focusing on the now and embracing life the way it is. The Law is complete when you let go of the urge to make others understand that you are right. It helps you preserve your sanity and energy.   

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Separating yourself from the desires and trusting the Universe can actually be beneficial. The author believes that the real miracle happens when people let go of their unending desire to achieve something and leave it to nature.

In the next law, the author states that giving your money, love and affection to people who want it can actually increase the supply of these things in your life. Saving more than what is necessary is harmful. 

Conscious decision making and helping others to find your life purpose are the last two laws stated in the book. The author believes that the power of the universe is limitless and if a person is genuine and kind, he/she will surely be rewarded. 

Read book summaries and audiobook summaries available on the book summaries websites to know more about these laws.

Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering by Sadhguru is an insightful book that focuses on the various aspects of the human body, mind and energy. He clearly mentions that a person has to search within to find all the answers and the meaning of his/her existence. He also talks about self-awareness, pursuit of happiness, love, responsibility, and yoga to a great extent in the book. 

Sadhguru believes that it is imperative to enjoy today. He urges the readers to find peace in little moments and not worry about the future. Because worrying about something beyond our control is futile. He also adds a quick tip to enlighten one’s soul. He says that enlightenment is only possible if the body, mind and energy are in sync.

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If you want to do extensive research on Inner Engineering, then reading book summaries and audiobook summaries will be of great help.

Sadhguru also talks about another very important lesson that Inner Engineering teaches which is that a person must respond consciously to a situation and not compulsively. When you decide to respond consciously, you are taking responsibility. Reactivity is enslavement while taking responsibility is freedom. Anger usually provokes unintelligent actions and is fundamentally self-destroying.


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