Fire Pit Covers – Essential or Overkill?

Fire Pit Covers – Essential or Overkill?

According to a Forbes survey, 59% of the respondents favored adding a fire pit to their homes for year-round enjoyment. However, left exposed, even the best fire pits will become dirty with dust and debris, corrode, and become unhygienic due to bird poop, tree sap, pollen, and more. A fire pit cover is a simple and affordable method of protecting your expensive equipment and ensures that it is ready for use at short notice. A quick overview of the common problems that plague fire pits left out in the open, and how to select a good fire pit cover.

How Is Leaving Your Fire Pit Uncovered Not A Good Idea

Anything, regardless of how well-built it is, when left out in the open and exposed to harsh sunlight, wind, rain, high or low temperatures, snow, and the presence of insects, birds, rodents, etc., will deteriorate. If the climate is moderate, the rate of degradation will be slower, nevertheless, inevitable. At some point in time, the fire pit will start developing problems that can spoil your enjoyment if you don’t take appropriate steps to protect it. Some of the main reasons that can ruin your fire pit include:

Exposure to the elements: The main enemy of a fire pit is dampness. If the fire pit is out in the open without being covered, it will be exposed to rain, fog, ice, snow, and high humidity, and the metal components of the fire pit will begin to corrode. Even stainless steel, over time, will tarnish and start developing rust. Corrosion can affect not only the frame and the housing but also the hinges, screws, and washers. Bright sunshine is enjoyable, however, it contains hazardous UV rays that first cause the colors to fade and then make the paint and parts made of plastics and rubber brittle, and when combined with the other elements, they break. Using a square fire pit cover prevents the fire pit from weather damage.

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The environment: The dust and debris flying around, as well as sap from overhanging trees, pollen from flowers, and chemicals and fertilizers used in the garden, all can cause the fire pit to become dirty and unhygienic. Bird poop is also a major culprit in causing corrosion.

Pests: Leaving the fire pit uncovered after use attracts rodents like rats and squirrels to take up residence. In addition to the fire pit becoming a storehouse of nesting materials and food, it also becomes dirty due to the feces and urine. They also tend to chew the electrical wires and gas lines and cause accidents. Nesting insects can also block the burner and affect its performance.


Getting a fire pit cover is sensible for protecting the fire pit and extending its working life. However, you need to get the right size and the right material, typically PVC, polyester, or canvas treated to make it waterproof. Make sure that the cover has straps or drawstrings to help secure it, so that not only does it prevent the ingress of moisture, dust, debris, insects, and rodents but also does not blow off in high winds.

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