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How to Develop a Good Command Over Exponents?

Rules are very much important to be mastered by every student in the world of exponents so that they can solve the questions very easily and do not face any kind of problem throughout the process. Depending upon different kinds of worksheets is also very much important so that students can learn the right kind of skills in the whole process. Exponents are also known as the powers and are the values that so how many times to multiply a base number by itself. The number raised by power is known as the base and the superscript above it will be known as the power.

Following are some of the very basic strategies the individuals need to be clear about in the world of exponent


  • It is very important to have a complete idea about the product of powers rule and at the time of multiplying to bases of the same value, it is important to keep the bases the same and then add the powers together to get the solution. This particular rule is very much important to be learned by every student so that they can solve the questions very easily.
  • The quotient of powers rule is another very important thing to be taken care of because multiplication and division are opposites of each other and similarly the rules will also be opposite. At the time of dividing to the basis of the same value, the base has to be kept the same and power has to be subtracted.
  • The power of a power rule is another very important thing to be taken into consideration because in this particular case the power will be further raised by another power. So, to reach the conclusion in this particular area the powers have to be multiplied so that answers can be found.
  • The power of a product rule is another very important thing to be taken into consideration by the students and in this case distribution of the exponent into every part of the base has to be carried out so that solving becomes very easy and people never have to face any kind of issue throughout the process. Then both of the variables will be squared in this particular equation and will be raised to the power of three. It will make sure that it will be multiplied to the exponent rules in both variables and power will ultimately become six.
  • The power of a quotient rule is another very important thing to be undertaken by the students and in this rule; the divisions will be raising a quotient by its power. The exponents for the need to be distributed to all the values within the brackets and further it is important for the people to never forget to distribute the exponent which they are multiplying to both the coefficient as well as variable so that simplification can be carried out.
  • The zero-power rules are another very important thing to be considered because any base raised to the power of zero will be equal to 1 and this is the easiest way of solving the rules and questions.
  • Whenever any number is being raised by a negative exponent then the individuals need to flip it into a reciprocal to term the exponent into a positive and further it is important to never use the negative exponent to turn the base into a negative.
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Apart from all the above-mentioned rules and strategies, it is very much important for the people to depend upon prodigy and worksheets from the house of Cuemath because this is the best possible way of ensuring that students have a good command over the exponent rules and can fetch good marks in the examination. The experts from the house of Cuemath’s website will help in making sure that there will be a proper track of progress and a unique experience will be created for the students depending upon their needs and requirements.

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