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The Essential Guide to Creating a TV Show Pitch Deck: 11 Tips and Examples

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, then you’ve seen pitch decks in action! But what exactly are pitch decks? A pitch deck is a document that gives out your idea to investors or other companies. Your pitch deck should explain the problem that your show will solve, how it works and why it’s better than its competitors.

Here are 11 pitch deck tips and examples to help you create investor pitch deck examples for your show!

Tip #1: Know your target audience

When creating pitch decks, it’s important to know who the pitch is going to be. When pitching directly to an investor or company, make sure that they’re someone that would be interested in your pitch. It won’t be very effective if you have a TV show pitch deck examples  to a company that only produces children’s toys. In addition, you should know what kind of pitch deck the investor prefers. Some investors may prefer visuals over words, while others want full sentences and paragraphs. Knowing your audience is essential for creating an effective pitch deck [the example above is a good example of knowing your audience.

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Tip #2: Keep it clean and simple

If you’re creating pitch deck examples for startup, you should keep them as simple as possible. Investors may see hundreds of pitch decks each day, so the simpler your pitch deck is, the better. Ensure that you have flawless grammar or spelling errors in your pitch deck because an error can lead to confusion. The pitch deck should also be easy to navigate and understand. If your pitch deck is confusing, then the investor will get turned off very quickly!

Pitch decks only have a few seconds to impress investors, so you must put your best foot forward with a clean pitch deck.

Tip #3: Keep your pitch deck to a single page

A pitch deck should only be one page! Pitching over multiple pages can lead to confusion and take up too much time. Investors have hundreds of pitch decks they need to look through, so give them something short and sweet. The pitch deck example above is an infographic pitch deck which is great because they normally only take up one page.

Tip #4: Provide a pitch deck summary

A pitch deck summary is helpful for investors. This pitch deck example above provides an executive pitch brief and pitch deck at the beginning of the pitch and then goes into more detailed pitch and financials in pitch decks further down. You should explain what your pitch does, how it works, and why it’s better than its competitors near the beginning of your pitch which can be done through a pitch deck summary like this one here.

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Tip #5: Include the key points of the pitch in your pitch deck

When pitching over multiple pages, it’s important to summarize what you’re saying on each page so that investors can get a quick idea of what you’re saying. The pitch deck above is a good example of summarizing the pitch in one page and adding visuals to help pitch your TV show more effectively.

Tip #6: Use pictures and graphs

Pitching multiple pages can get boring at times, so adding pictures or graphs can help pitch your TV show to investors. The pitch deck examples pdf above is a good example of how graphs can make pitch decks visually attractive while adding some actual data, making it more convincing.

Tip #7: Know your pitch deck format

When pitching over multiple pages, it’s important to use the right pitch deck format for each pitch. There are different pitch deck formats for you to choose from, so make sure to pick the right one. An infographic pitch deck may be best if your pitch is short and sweet (one page). On the other hand, if your pitch deck contains a lot of text, a text-based pitch deck could be more effective.

Tip #8: Stick to one idea per pitch deck page

It’s important not to mix ideas when creating pitch decks for your TV show. One page should be dedicated to talking about one part of your pitch. Hiring a pitch deck writer may be helpful for this section. It’s okay to have separate pitch deck pages devoted to different parts of your pitch but make sure not to mix ideas on the same page.If you’re still itching for multiple pitch deck ideas, you can view various creative Venngage templates. Note, this is only for inspiration.

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Tip #9: Create multiple pitch decks for maximum coverage

It’s important not to limit yourself when pitching TV shows. Multiple pitch decks can pitch your idea differently and pitch to investors who prefer different pitch deck formats. A pitch deck writer can help create pitch decks for you with multiple ideas and pitch deck formats.

Tip #10: Have an online pitch deck ready

If you’re pitching online (especially over video chat), it’s important to have an online pitch deck ready to pitch to investors. The example above is a pitch deck template that can be used online while adding graphs and pictures to make it more visually effective.

Tip #11: Pitching your pitch deck

After you’ve created a pitch deck, it’s time to pitch your pitch deck! Make sure to pitch your pitch deck over video chat or in-person because pitching over the phone can be difficult and impersonal. If you’re going to pitch online, though, make sure not to use a countdown timer. The example above is a pitch deck template that can be used online while adding visual representation to make it more visually effective.

Getting your pitch deck looking really good can make all the difference in pitching to investors. For more film pitch deck examples and pitch deck templates, check out Venngage’s pitch deck maker!

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