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6 Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels

Over the years, solar panels have been gaining in popularity. They are used for residential homes, commercial and public buildings, heating pools, and many other applications. Every year, solar is the most popular newly installed electricity provider in the United States for new builds. There are several good reasons for this. If you are on the fence, here are 6 benefits of installing solar panels that will push you to make the right choice. 

Solar Panels are Environmentally Friendly

The main reason why solar panel technology was created and developed is that it is eco-friendly when compared to traditional energy sources. They harness the power of the sun and convert it to electricity to use in our homes and workplaces. This process does not use greenhouse gasses, nor does it require depleting any natural resources. There is no carbon footprint involved, and there is no impact on our natural environment. Using solar panels will make a building completely self-sufficient in terms of power and electricity. Climate change is a complex and massive problem, but the more people that use solar panels, the closer we can get to a solution. 

It Doesn’t Cost As Much As You Think

Solar energy is no doubt softer on the environment, but what about your pocketbook? While you will have to cover the cost of installing solar panels, they will allow you to draw less from the public grid. This means that your monthly utility bills will go down. Converting sunlight to energy comes at no cost whatsoever. Many people who have solar panels aren’t connected to the grid at all, while some stay connected as a backup option. While the cost of installing solar panels might seem high, you will start to recoup that investment right off the bat in lower utility bills. 

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There are many concerns that people have about installing solar panels, but many of them are myths or misconceptions. One of the biggest is that solar power is not reliable. The worry is that if it is cloudy or it’s the winter, then the sun won’t be able to give off sunlight that’s powerful enough to use. The good thing is that none of this is true. When the sun is shining strongly, solar panels collect power and store it in batteries. When it’s nighttime or cloudy outside, you can draw power from those batteries for all of your uses. Clouds also do not completely block out sunlight, so your panels can still collect and convert it even on a rainy day. 

You Can Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Even if you don’t plan on living in your home for much longer, installing solar panels can provide a benefit. They are very attractive to potential homebuyers, who like the fact that solar panels can lower their monthly costs. The fact that they don’t have to install the panels themselves is an added bonus. You can talk to your realtor to see how much more you can ask for your home because of your panels. Even if you are not moving any time soon, it’s good to know that your home has increased its value by having the solar panels there. 

They Are Very Low Maintenance

Solar panels are very self-sufficient. Once you have them installed, the work is done. There is very little you need to do on a regular basis to keep them functioning well. If you have a lot of trees around your home or building, or if there is a storm, then you may have to brush off the panels to remove leaves or other debris. Many solar panel owners will give them a brush every year when they clean their eavestroughs as a preventative measure. However, for the most part, you can enjoy your cost-free electricity without doing much work at all. 

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You Can Be Self-Sufficient

When you have solar panels, you can live off of the public electrical grid, or have it as a backup. Why is this a benefit? You will not be subject to any of the issues that might befall a public grid. For instance, during storms, or if there is an accident at a generator station, then the power can go out for thousands of people. If you have solar panels, then you can continue to heat and power your home with no interruptions. You will also not have to worry about pricing fluctuations that sometimes seem arbitrary. 

Many people are hesitant to install solar panels. However, with these benefits, you now know that the time has come to take the leap. 

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