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5 Easy Ways to Reduce the Cloud Storage Costs

With the advent of cloud-based applications, storing and accessing data has become easier. Gone are the days when there was a need to install additional hard drives to increase the device storage. By implementing cloud-driven solutions, the users are expanding the storage capacity.

Moreover, many companies like UAE Technician have switched to cloud storage because of its cost-saving options. All you need is a stable internet connection and a smart device to share data via cloud applications. 

There are hefty cloud service providers that offer budget-friendly storage solutions. Be it Google Drive or iCloud and every cloud service comes with limited storage space. After that, it becomes essential to pay a certain amount of money every month to store documents. And, this monthly subscription price depends on the amount of data you want to store. 

However, over time, cloud storage costs increase, and it can be challenging for businesses. Especially for the companies that don’t invest a huge amount of money in businesses. 

Even the small scale local companies might struggle to pay the monthly Cloud subscription & they have to maintain their laptop also. But there’s nothing to fret over, as these cloud storage costs can be optimised. Here, we have compiled a list of practices that you should follow to reduce the cloud storage bill:

Business owners should use cloud services that offer a plethora of storage services. Because that will help mitigate the storage requirements in the long run. Usually, these cloud-based applications use three different types of storage options — block storage, object storage and file storage.

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Are you familiar with any of these cloud storage solutions? No! Well, in the business’s mobile application, block storage is a prime requirement. It offers low latency storage, which can be used for storing a considerable amount of data. Whereas, file storage is used in the applications where the users need access to the shared files. 

Though these two cloud storage options offer a lot of benefits. But, among these, object storage can help individuals to save cloud storage costs. So, go for it and if you face any issue while using this storage option, contact laptop Repair Dubai experts.

  • Take Advantage of the Lifecycle Policies

Have you ever heard about Cloud’s object lifecycle policies? No! It’s one of the best cloud storage cost optimization tools that are worth using. Usually, the lifecycle configuration comes with a set of rules. And, those are applied to the recently stored device data. 

Moreover, the object lifecycle policy might work with the media files that you will store in the future. Based on these rules, cloud storage automatically performs certain functions. 

Here is the list of the actions cloud storage services might take when an object meets the prescribed criteria:

  • It will remove the files or documents that you created 5-6 years ago. This time might vary depending on the type of cloud service you are using. 
  • Cloud services keep the three most recent versions of the media files. So, if you have transferred the same documents 4 times, it will remove the one from them.
  • Downgrades the high-cost class of objects that you no longer need. Usually, this rule can be applied to objects that are older than 365 days. 
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That’s not all! With cloud storage’s lifecycle policies, transfer the data in the lower-cost tiers. This sort of feature can be helpful for the business who deal with sensitive customer data. If you accidentally store the same client data twice, this feature will remove one of them. Do you use Google cloud storage? Consider avoiding the removal of essential data by enabling the Bucket Lock feature.

  • Switch to a Low-Cost Cloud Storage Platform

Probably this is the best way to reduce the cloud storage cost. Look for a cloud storage service that offers affordable monthly plans to users. Moreover, there are plenty of free cloud-based apps that can fulfil the storage needs on the go. 

Do you want to know which cloud services offer the best storage plans? Opt for using Google Cloud Platform; it offers storage services at a reasonable price.

Additionally, you can go with Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. These cloud platforms offer the best security features at an additional cost. Wasabi and Backblaze are two other platforms that are ideal for large cloud storage. Make sure to check the cloud storage service’s uptime, HPC rate and BCDR, along with pricing. 

  • Choose a Lower-Cost Tier

Usually, most cloud storage applications offer object storage services. And, these cloud services are available either in “classes” or “tiers” for the users. Usually, the standard storage tier/class comes with the highest monthly subscription cost. As it provides the opportunity to save more gigabyte data in smartphones or laptops. 

But, if you want to optimise the cloud storage cost, go for the lower-cost tier. Starting from Nearline to Coldline, there are many low-cost storage classes. Certain limitations are associated with this tier of cloud storage platforms. It might take a lot of time to transfer or share the cloud data in low-cost tiers. Moreover, the users face difficulty accessing the data instantly from these classes/tiers. You might end up paying more for frequently accessing the stored media files.

  • Store only the Essential Data 

Do you know what will be the best way to minimise cloud storage costs? Consider saving the data that is required in the long run. Because keeping a large amount of data might increase the cloud storage prices. The less the cloud data amount, the less it will take to find it. Make sure to use the “tagging” features to access the required documents or images on time. Further, it will even help you to remove unwanted data with ease.

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Cloud Storage Services are Key to Business Growth!

Cloud-based services have become a driving factor for the growth of small companies. It improves the productivity of the employees and ensures success for the businesses. Cloud technologies are providing effective solutions, irrespective of the size of the enterprises. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about taking regular data backup in cloud storage systems. Preventing sensitive data from cybercriminals has become easier with this technology. So, what are you waiting for? Get a free or paid cloud storage service and handle the business works safely.

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