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Interconnected data on social networks

Get the most out of social media data for your comprehensive strategies

Has it occurred to you that the conversations generated by users on social networks are like a free market study?

Social networks generate a surprising amount of data and it is our responsibility to know how to take advantage of that data for our businesses, because the data, naturally, does not come ordered or classified, which in the end results in isolated, frustrating data, which do not help at all to marketing teams.

Isolated data can limit the scope of these free market studies, and if they are not exploited correctly, instead of helping us, they can become a headache, lead to wrong conclusions, and be wasted in the worst way.

Get the most out of it

Fortunately, there are tools and strategies that allow us to take advantage of these data, and integrate them according to the different marketing strategies that may exist. This is called data integration , and it allows us to generate strategies from different areas such as:

  • Sales
  • SEO and SEM campaigns
  • Television data
  • Web analytics data
  • Product development

Integrating data means giving the company greater opportunities to use what the end customer really wants to create strategies, products or conversations that really serve them and interest them.

In today’s world, all marketing has to do with the customer experience and what better than taking advantage of the data that they give us? Only in this way can they have a final experience that is worth repeating for them.

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Integrated marketing with interconnected data will yield better results than any other strategy.

All the data that we can collect from social networks works like a mirror, that is, it allows us to see the behavior of the consumer, its most human side, its aspirations, desires and opinions, it allows us to understand how they act.

What is the use of social media data?

What is the use of creating what is believed to be the coolest product on earth if consumers do not want or need it? What is the use of creating a thousand social media publications if consumers do not look at them because they do not have a message that interests you?

Companies and marketing agencies must be able to understand the effects of the proper use of data, with the aim of creating positive, practical and effective campaigns that help the final objectives, sales and loyalty.

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