Things To Know About The Future Of Influencer Marketing
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Things To Know About The Future Of Influencer Marketing

COVID-19 has forced the world further into digitalization in order to maintain the constant flow of communication with family and friends and stay updated and entertained. In fact, between January and March, there has been a 23% rise in the average viewing time of TikTok. And over 56% of brands are planning to include this platform in their influencer marketing strategy. There is a substantial shift in the demands, and brands and influencers need to generate the right kind of content to strive in the highly competitive market. Here are some future predictions that every influencer marketing agency should take care of:

There Needs To A Compelling Story

Consumers today do not care for a direct sales pitch. Therefore, companies will need to work closely with influencers in order to create an engaging story for their partnership. The product brand is selling should be able to meet the needs of the consumer in a more realistic manner. And the influencer should show the need in an efficient manner. In 2020, many influencers were accused of being insensitive to marketing products while people were quarantined at their homes. On the other hand, influencers who confronted the situation and exhibited how they are adapting to life at home were the ones who experienced a surge in their viewership.

Incorporation Of Entertaining Trends

As we mentioned above, there has been a rise in the popularity of platforms like TikTok. Millions of users from around the world joined this platform to watch entertaining content. And brands took it as a great opportunity to instil influencer marketing. Instead of pushing a product, an influencer marketing agency will have to incorporate their sponsorships in challenges or new trends that have been topping the charts. This will allow the brand to gain the targeted traction in an organic way while entertaining its audience.

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Boost The Influence Beyond Social Media

One of the often overlooked but essential facts about influencer marketing are that the company does not own the content of the influencer marketing agency. Unless it is agreed upon in the contract, brands cannot use the content created by the influencer marketing agency. And if they want to use the content somewhere else other than reposting or programming, then they will need to purchase the copyright of the content. Rather than paying for one post that can only sustain itself on Instagram, leveraging the organic influencers of the brand can help in generating and assessing a wide range of assets from a wider section of authentic creators.

The Growing Popularity Of Live Content

The uptake of Instagram Live did not happen until recently. It was very rare for the influencers to go live often. But now, there seems to be a massive influx of live filling the feeds of basically every category. Big brands such as Business Of Fashion, Oysho, Gucci, etc., have become digital by coming up with workout classes, cooking workshops, DJ sets, interview sessions, etc.

Final Thoughts

The progress of influencer marketing depends on the thought and practicality of the content. Relying on a reputable influencer marketing agency would allow you to market your brand via a credible influencer in an organic manner.

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