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Not all of us are great at understanding foreign accents thus we face language problems while watching foreign movies, as we cannot understand the accent, meaning and, tone of the language properly. Hence there are online movie streaming sites that provide movies with subtitles.

Subsmovies is one such site where you can find movies with subtitles. Subsmovies presents watch free movies with subtitles in full HD 1080p quality. Download latest films and TV series on Subs movies unblocked website.


Subsmovies website is an online movie streaming site where you can find abundant free movies. It is ads-free and is one of the best movie streaming sites.

To put in simple words, subsmovies provides free movies without any ads in HD quality with subtitles. Free shows in HD quality with subtitles are also available.

No ads appear while watching the movie. But some click-on ads appear before watching the movie or after the movie is over. However, what matters the most is not getting interrupted by ads while watching the movie and this is being ensured by subsmovies.

It becomes difficult to enjoy and understand the story of the movie if we don’t understand the language be it a foreign language like English or an indigenous regional language. Some north Indians cannot understand south Indian languages like Hindi or Bengali.

There are times when we cannot even understand the Hollywood accents even if we are well versed in English. Hence in such cases subtitles become necessary and subsmovies website fulfills this necessity of ours.

Subs movies sometimes get blocked but there are many subsmovies proxy sites. There are many subs movies alternatives as well. Even if submovies not working its new domains appear very fast. Submovies new links are available on the internet. is the submovies new domain that is working currently. Earlier there was proxy or subsmovies nz. With the help of proxy, you can get subs movies unblocked. Subs movies India has many language movies available with subtitles.

Perhaps the biggest asset of subs movies is that it offers subtitles in multiple languages and not just English like other streaming sites. It provides subtitles in English, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, French, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, Swedish and, many more.

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Now You Can Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online With Subtitles

Subsmovies provides subtitles for not only movies but also for TV shows and series. Perhaps this is what made subsmovies fairly popular. People can watch movies and shows in different languages for free.

Sometimes subsmovies can be found blocked as in some places it is considered illegal. However, there are many subsmovies alternatives that one can opt for to watch movies and shows with subtitles.

People in countries where subsmovies happen to be legal and easily accessible are lucky enough. But where people cannot have easy access to subsmovies they can go for other subsmovies alternatives.

However, subs movies come up with submovies new domain very fast even if the existing one gets blocked. Subs movies new links also come out early and hence you can again enjoy watching movies and TV shows for free with subtitles. is the present working link and proxy and subs movies nz has been blocked.

Pros and Cons of SubsMovies

Like everything else, subs movies also have both and cons. Here are the pros and cons of subs movies.


  • Provides subtitles in multiple languages thus attracting viewers from all over the world.
  • Consists of all the popular and up-to-date collections of movies.
  • Provides HD quality movies and shows for free.
  • Movies and shows of all genres are available be it horror or rom-com.


  • In many countries, the site may be illegal hence making it difficult to get access.
  • Sometimes server gets down.
  • Domains keep on changing. Not all viewers might be able to keep up with the changing domain.
  • Ads on the website might make the experience irritating.

Let’s Find Out Benefit with Subsmovies Proxy and Mirror Sites

The original movies and shows streaming sites have quite a high subscription and monthly charges which everyone may not be able to afford. Plus there are readily available free sites on the internet and who does not prefer free stuff? Perhaps this is the best benefit we enjoy by investing nothing.

Getting the latest movies and shows for free is what everyone wishes to have. Websites like subsmovies fulfill the wishes of millions of viewers worldwide.

In places where subsmovies are illegal, there are subsmovies proxy sites which makes the impossible go possible. It means that in areas subsmovies are illegal and are punishable by law people can still get access by using proxy sites. Proxies help to hide the IP address and location of the user thus saving the users from trouble.

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Users can also get access to the site by connecting VPN servers. All you need to do is install a good VPN app on your device and then connect to any of the strong servers available. VPN helps the users to get access to banned sites as well.

Top User-rated Subsmovies Alternatives

Like any other free movie streaming site, subsmovies also has many other alternatives. Subsmovies alternatives are no less than subsmovies. Almost the same features are available in subsmovies alternatives.

Here are some top user-rated subsmovies alternatives.


Putlocker is very much similar to subsmovies and contains similar features as subsmovies. This is one of the popular sites. However, there might also be copyright problems. The problems are also similar to subsmovies. In some places, it might be illegal to use this site and hence users have to seek proxies and VPNs.


Losmovies also has similar features. It offers free HD movies and series. Online streaming and download options are available.

Solar Movies

This one also has similar kind of features in addition to which it has the search feature which helps the users to get their favorite movies and series within a few seconds. All the new and old movies and series are available on the website of the solar movie.


Perhaps this is the most secure site one can opt for. Both online streaming and downloading are secure. It does not have any copyright or legal issues. And the content of this site is mostly permitted content making it the most reliable and secure site. It also provides HD quality content. This is a far better option to go for among free movie sites available on the web.


Besides having similar features to subsmovies, gomovies got some unique features. It has a category-based search feature that helps the users to choose their favorite movies easily. It also has a comment section under each of its content where users leave feedback and reviews. This helps other users in choosing the movies according to the feedback.


You can create your account on this site. It also has a search engine where you put just the keyword of the content that you want to watch and a whole list of search results will appear on the screen. It has the ads issue. Ads come frequently in between videos. However, ads can be blocked with the help of Ads blocker sites or software.

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It has arranged a good and organized navigation system that helps the users to get what they want easily. It has a huge collection of movies. The only irritating thing in this app is again the ads.


FMovies also offers free movies with subtitles. It also shows repeated ads in between movies and shows.


It also happens to be one of the most trusted and secure sites. It allows the users to bookmark their favorite movies and series. However, you need to register and login portal to get access to tons of movies and series available on this site.


Moviegaga also has a library of all the old and new movies. However, it only has the online streaming feature and no downloading feature along with repeated popping up of ads in between the movies.


Well if you are a series freak then this site is the best for you. Tons of TV shows and series of different languages are available making it a heaven for series lovers. However, it also has the ads issue which could be blocked using the ads blocker.

Subsmovies FAQ

  • Is VPN required for accessing the alternatives?

The answer to this question depends on the country you live in and whether you have proxy options.

In some countries, these types of sites are not banned and hence users can access them easily. In countries where these sites are banned the users have to opt for proxies and VPN.

  • Is Subsmovies Legal?

Well, it is somewhat legal and somewhat illegal. It isn’t a piracy site. It is just a streaming platform that offers the source links of the content from other websites.

However, many of these source links could be pirated and illegal. Watching pirated content is illegal and you might put yourself in trouble by doing so.

  • Is smart TV required for the Best Experience?

Smart TV might give you a better experience but it is not a necessary factor. Since the contents are available in HD quality you can watch it on any of your devices be it laptop or mobile.

  • Wi-Fi or Mobile Data which one is Better for Using Subsmovies?

The answer is Wi-Fi as it gives you a speedy download without any lag. But if you don’t have any Wi-Fi connection, you can watch using mobile data as well. It will work slower than Wi-Fi but you will get what you want. You just need to have patience.

Subsmovies website gets blocked time and again. Hence use the subsmovies proxy or proxy to get the subsmovies unblocked. If the subsmovies’ not working you can opt for the alternatives. Submovies nz or proxy is blocked now. The subsmovies new link is subsmovies India is illegal hence people have to get access using proxy or VPN to subsmovies website.

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