Torrentz Search Engine

Torrentz Search Engine

Torrentz Search Engine- Similar Sites Like Torrentz 2021

There are many sites that are more of a search engine, and less like a regular website. A search engine does not host any torrent but provides links from other popular BitTorrent sites. Torrentz was one such search engine.

Torrentz search engine is no longer available and has been shut down long ago. It was the world’s one of the biggest torrent sites. It had millions of users worldwide. provided links to other torrent sites like Piratebay or RARBG.

You can download torrentz movies and various other contents.

About Torrentz

Torrentz, as already mentioned above, is a meta-search engine rather than a website. It does not provide the content directly but provides links from other popular torrent sites from where you can download the content.

Torrentz was founded on 24th July 2003 in Finland by an individual named Flippy.

The original site was shut down back on 5th August 2016, and only its proxy sites are working since then. Although the site was shut down by the owners, it was facing many problems much before it was shut down.

Paramount Pictures sent a DMCA claim to Google to remove torrentz from its search engine due to copyright infringement concerns back in 2013.

Following a request from Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in May 2016, Torrentz had its domain name suspended without a court order, and the site was shut down finally on 5th August 2016.

What is Torrentz proxy?

Since the original Torrentz is shut down, numbers of Torrentz proxy soon came up for its replacement. Proxy sites are the site that acts as a link between the original site and the users.

Proxy sites are very similar to the original site. The content and features of the proxy site are also very similar to that of the original one. Just like the Torrentz search engine, Torrentz proxy sites are also the search engine sites that provide links from other popular BitTorrent sites.

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The original site cannot be accessed because of its ban. This is when proxy sites come to function.

Accessing the proxy site is much safe and easy. It at least hides your IP address. But however total security cannot be guaranteed. Accessing sites using the VPN is much more secure than accessing directly without a VPN.

Therefore Torrentz proxy sites are the other off-shoots of the original Torrentz site that are functioning since it was shut down.

Torrentz Proxy Sites List

Here are some of the working Torrentz proxy sites.

  • org
  • com
  • me

Since the shutting down of the original torrentz search engine, these proxy sites have been providing links to their users.

Mirror Servers for Torrentz

While proxy sites act as a link between the users and the original site, mirror sites, on the other hand, are separate sites but very similar to the original site.     Here are some of the mirror servers of torrentz.


All the latest and popular torrentz movies, shows, games, and software can be downloaded through these links.

What are the Alternatives of Torrentz? has many alternatives. So there is no need to worry even if the original torrentz has been shut down. If the proxy and mirror site of torrentz does not work, then you can always opt for the extra torrentz. Some of the best alternatives of torrentz are as follows-


It’s been over a decade of isoHunt’s existence, and it is still working smoothly, thus making it one of the best torrent sites. Movies, series, music, games and, the software can be downloaded from isoHunt.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been dominating the torrents industry since the shutting down of the torrentz search engine. It has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, series, games and, software that are available for free. No other torrent side can be compared to the Pirate Bay.

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It is also one of the popular torrent sites. One of its best features is that it has the comments section below every content, thus helping the users to understand and choose their desired content with the help of reviews available on the comment section.


Limetorrents has a wide database for different categories of torrents. Besides, it provides magnet links from where you can download your desired content directly through the clients.


Like torrentz, iDope also does not host the content by itself but collects sources from various other torrents. iDope also has an App that can be installed on android devices. All the latest and popular contents are available on iDope.


YourBittorrent is another popular torrent website and one of the best alternatives for torrentz. It was founded back in 2003 and was known as Later the name was changed into myBittorrent, and now it is known as YourBittorrent. It not only provides movies and series but also provides e-books for free.


It is also a good torrent website, and it provides not only torrents but also provides magnet links.


It is one of the highly-rated torrent websites, and even experts recommend this site for users. Over 4 million torrent files are available on Torlock, which includes 11 different categories of content.


1337x happens to be one of the largest torrent search engines. It offers a wide variety of content and has an amazing user interface.

Popcorn Time

The best thing about Popcorn Time is that it is not a torrent site but a streaming site. You cannot download movies or shows from Popcorn Time, but you can most definitely enjoy watching online.

Torrentz India

Since torrrentz is an illegal search engine site, it was banned in India back in 2016. Illegal websites are not allowed in India. Most of the torrent sites, including torrentz are banned, and accessing this website is also considered to be an illegal act by law.

However, proxy and mirror sites of torrentz can be accessed easily by the users.

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Torrentz Search Engine (World Wide)

Torrent Search Engine was shut down worldwide on 5th August 2016. Only the proxy and mirror sites of torrentz are available. Since the shutting down of the site, users refer and follow the proxy and mirror sites only.

However, after few weeks of its shutting down, the mirror site of torrentz with the name was launched. Subsequently, another mirror site named was also launched soon after the launch of

However, in most countries, these mirror sites cannot be accessed directly, and a VPN server connection is required to get access. Since November 2020, these mirror sites are showing error 503 and can only be accessed using a VPN server.

Advantages of Using (Torrentz) has many advantages, and that is why it is very popular.

  • Perhaps the best advantage is that is available easily.
  • You can get the file you want by entering the keyword on the search box.
  • Wide varieties of content are available for free.
  • You don’t have to pay for the content that you desire to have.
  • High-speed torrent download and stream available.
  • Video content, especially torrentz movies, and TV shows are available in HD quality.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is happens to be one of the alternatives of torrentz. The latest torrentz movies, games, music and, software are available on

How to Use a Magnet Link?

On sites where the magnet link is available, you will see the download magnet link option on the page you open. Just click on that option, and you will get the result. However, you need to have a pre-installed torrent downloader app like utorrent or Bittorrent to download your favorite content using the magnet link.

When is the movie updated here after release?

Since torrentz does not host the content, it takes 2 to 3 days to get the new releases added on the torrentz website.

How to download from torrentz?

Install the torrent downloader app on your device and then go to the torrentz website, search for the file you want to download and then click download once you get the file. The torrent download will start in the torrent downloader app.

Why is Torrentz not working?

Torrentz is an illegal site and was shut down back in 2016. However, its mirror sites are still working, and you can access those sites easily.

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