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Open Culture: The Best Free Cultural and HD Movies Online Free

Getting resources online has become so much important since the beginning of the pandemic. Whether it is entertainment or educational resource, we were obliged to look for sources online. This is how online resources became an integral part of our lives. Before the pandemic, online resources were also significant, but they became necessary and hence gained prominence with its advent.

Open culture is one such online platform where resources and information are available. Educational and cultural resources like e-books and open culture films are available. It happens to be a very resourceful website for everyone and, most importantly, students and scholars.

What is Open Culture?

Open culture is the best online platform where cultural and educational media and resources are available. Open culture film, series, e-books, literature, mathematics law, sciences, K-12 resources, language resources, certificate courses, online courses, theatre, audiobooks and, many more contents are available on this site. It also provides musical notations, textbooks, fiction and, many more.

Founded back in 2006 at Stanford University, Mountain View, California. The founder of open culture is Dan Coleman, the Director and Associate Dean of Stanford University’s Continuing Education Program. However, an open culture is not affiliated at Stanford University, and it is an independent website. It was started at the campus of the Stanford University but not by the University itself.

Availability of Open Culture pages

Open Culture pages are available on social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus and, Twitter. It is a vast repository of educational and entertainment content, and hence it is trendy.

Open culture provides free 1300 online university courses, free 1000 Massive Open Online and Certificate Courses, quality lectures, free 1500 movies or open culture film, free 700 audiobooks, free 800 e-books and, free 200 text-books. 46 languages online courses are also provided for free. Besides, free 150 business courses, free music, free art, free images, free K-12 education, free writing tips by notable and, many more are available.

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Catchy emails are sent every day, after free joining. These emails are about the latest additions on the site like new essays, books, open culture films, subtitles, music, art and, much more. Emails are also sent about the announcement of existing and new courses, lessons and, other stupendous discoveries.

Everything is available for free and those are only one click away. You can join open culture for free, and enjoy everything that it provides for free. The best thing is it a combination of both education and art. Anybody can access it for free, be it learners, research scholars or, students.

Therefore, an open culture is one of the best, and it is very resourceful. It happens to be a beneficial site for learners. It will let you gain knowledge and also let you enjoy and have fun.

Is Legit? seems to be a credible and legit site. Reviewing sites like Siteadvisor and MyWOT has given pretty good reviews on open culture movies. Hence, appears to have a good reputation. This website is more helpful to school and college students than research scholars.

Maximum reviews are positive, and very few reviews are negative. This also indicates that open culture is a secure and legit site.

This website has a valid SSL certificate which indicates that it is a secure and legit site. Websites with valid SSL have the URL starting with https and are safe and scam-free. Whereas websites that begin with HTTP, such websites don’t have any valid SSL certificate, and such websites may be scam and fraudulence. A valid SSL certificate makes a legit site.

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A 4.7 star rated view of the website makes a credible website.

Is open culture free?

Yes, an open culture is a free content provider site. Perhaps it is the best free educational and cultural resource provider site.

Educational resources like e-books, audio-books, textbooks, free online courses, etc., are available on open culture. Besides, cultural sources like open culture movies, series, theatre, art and, music are also provided by an open culture. All these resources are available for free.

Abundant resources for free, that too not just movies but also thousands of valuable resources for education. This website has contributed significantly to education by providing so many free online courses and free study materials. It has been helpful to millions of learners out there who cannot afford to apply for some courses or cannot afford to buy study materials.

Many websites on the internet provide study materials like e-books and audiobooks, but hardly any of them provide for free. They charge people to get the resources provided by them. In contrast, open culture, on the other hand, offers educational resources for free. Not only free resources but joining open culture is also absolutely free.

Pros and Cons of Open culture

Not everything is picture-perfect in this world. Although it seems like open culture is the best free and legit website available on the internet, does have some limitation. Yes, an open culture is one of the best websites, and all those positive reviews and ratings do not scam. But yes, like anything else, open culture also has its fair share of drawbacks.

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Here are some pros and cons of open culture.


  • That it provides all of its contents and courses for free is one of its more significant assets.
  • Provides hundreds of educational and cultural resources.
  • There are hundreds of free online courses.
  • Hundreds of e-books, audiobooks, and other study materials are available for free.
  • Art, theatre, movies, and music are also available for free, making open culture even more enjoyable.
  • It is an excellent hub for learners.
  • Joining is also for free, and you don’t have to pay a single penny.
  • For fast-forward and more in-depth courses payment option is also available. It means that you have to pay for a more detailed course of learning.
  • Charges for detailed courses are also not very expensive.
  • Overall it is a very utilitarian website.


  • Since it has more cultural content like movies than educational ones, millions of people access this website for movies and series only.
  • Its comparatively low educational resources than cultural resources.
  • As they are engrossed with the free movies provided by this site, most people even don’t know that it also provides educational resources .
  • Not everyone can afford the detailed paid courses available by the site.
  • It is more suitable for school and college students than the research scholars.

Therefore, we can see that open culture has a fair share of both pros and cons. We cannot just call this website bad by looking into its cons, and similarly, we cannot make laudatory praises by overlooking the cons. However, overall this website is much better than other free websites.


Open culture is the type of website where you can learn also have some fun time as it provides both educational and cultural resources. There is hardly any website that is a combination of both education and culture. Although it may have some drawbacks, open culture happens to be an excellent website that is, of course, free and legit. What else can we expect more than a free yet legit website, right?

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