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Movie4k Proxy

Movie4k Proxy and Mirror sites- Movie4k for Watching Movies for Free

Most of us are big fans of piracy sites as we get to enjoy all the latest movies and shows for free. If you are a hardcore movie lover and cannot subscribe to popular movie streaming sites, then piracy sites are the best options for you.

Movie4k is one of the popular free movie streaming sites. Earlier it was known as Movie2k. All the latest and old movies and TV series are available for free on Movie4k.

What is Movie4k?

Movie4k is an illegal video directory for movies and TV shows which primarily consists of leaked copyrighted content. It is mainly a user-contributed website. Previously it was known as, which was shut down in May 2013 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) because of copyright infringement.

However, shortly after its shut down, the website was started. is also an illegal website and is banned in many countries. European countries, however, support this site. Germany holds one of the top spots and comes under the Top 20 websites of Germany. In terms of Global ranking, it holds the 202nd spot.

You can access this site using a VPN, or you can access Movie4k proxy sites. There are many Movie4k proxy and mirror sites that you can access if the main does not work.

Is Blocked? is blocked in many countries except some European countries. European countries, Germany especially, is a full-fledged supporter of this website, making it one of the Top 20 websites of Germany.

However, in most countries of the world, is banned and declared illegal. In India, also is banned, and accessing this site is an illegal act.

At places where is banned, people can access the site by using a VPN server. However, there is a proxy of Movie4k available on the internet that is very similar to There are many Movie4k proxy and mirror sites which the users can access easily.

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How to Access Content with Movie4k proxy and Mirror sites?

Even though the main the website is blocked, you can access the Movie4k proxy and mirror sites that provide similar content to the original website. Here are some of the working Movie4k proxy and mirror sites.

Serial No. Movie4k Proxy and Mirror Sites





















You can click on any of the given proxy sites and enjoy watching and downloading the content.

Proxies don’t work? Here’s the Solution

Proxy sites help us access the blocked parent site securely. Proxy sites perhaps act as an intermediary site that connects the users to the original site. But total privacy and data protection is not ensured by proxy sites. Hence, accessing proxy sites is not at all secure.

Besides, the proxy domain name also keeps changing, and it becomes difficult for the users to find the working proxy site again and again. Therefore, accessing a proxy is not easy every time.

The best alternative for the proxy site is the VPN. Instead of accessing a proxy site, you access the original site using a VPN server. The VPN gives you safe access as it hides your IP address and location.

To connect to a VPN server, you need first to install VPN software on your device, and then you need to go to the software thus installed. After going to the software, you will see a list of servers on the screen. Select any strong server, and then you can access the site easily.

If you don’t know how to identify a strong server, then find out how to do it. All you have to do is find out the server with the lowest ping or ms, shown on the list of servers. For example, there is shown in the list, Singapore with 108ms ping, France with 200ms ping or, Germany with 87ms ping. You have to choose the server with the lowest ms ping. Here, it is Germany with 87ms.

The server with the lowest ping is the most robust. Hence, this is how you choose the most potent VPN server.

List of Movie4k Alternatives

Movie4k is blocked in many countries, and hence people cannot access it easily. Sometimes even the proxy sites may not work properly. In such situations switching to alternatives is the best idea we can go for. There are many movie4k alternatives available on the internet that you can access and enjoy watching and downloading the content.

Here are some of the best Movie4k alternatives available on the internet.


LosMovies happens to be one of the best alternatives for Movie4k. It has a vast library of movies old and new. The best feature of LosMovies is perhaps its amazing collection of classics. It has a wonderful collection of classic movies. It is a heaven for classic lovers. The best part is that you seldom find LosMovies outdated. All the new releases are added soon after their release, and most important movies are available in HD quality for free.


Hulu is one of the safest Movie streaming and downloading platforms. To watch movies for free, you have to bear watching some ads in between the movies. It also provides an ad-free option for which you have to register and buy a subscription. Movies of different languages and genres are available on Hulu.


This is the best internet data-saving website available so far. The Movie files are available in small sizes and that too in HD quality. All the Movies are available for free. So, what else could be better than this, right? For more secure access to this site, you need to connect to a VPN server.


This is the most easy-to-use or user-friendly free movie-streaming website. It has a similar UI to Netflix making its interface amazingly smooth and bug-free. Hence, it also has a search box on the top right-hand corner of the page, making it easier for people to search their desired movies quickly.

It also provides subtitles for movies, and users don’t need to worry about language problems while watching movies. And also shows reviews and ratings of the movies, helping the users choose the good movies.


The worst part of free movie streaming sites is the frequent popping-up of ads in between the movies. We all are annoyed and tired of ads. If you seek an ads-free site, then 123Movies is the one for you as its advanced interface blocks unwanted ads. Besides having a huge collection of old and new popular movies, it is heaven for anime and animated movie lovers.


It has categorized movies based on language and genre, making it easier for users to select their desired movies quickly. Both Bollywood and Hollywood movies are available for free on vumoo.


Unlike other sites, Vudu provides you with a quality audio and video experience. High-quality audio and video is what makes Vudu stand out among other sites. The best thing, however, is that Vudu has an app as well. You have to register, and then you can enjoy your favorite movies without interruption.


WatchSeriesTV is known for its awesome collection of TV series. Now you can watch all the episodes of your favorite series for free that too in HD quality.


It has the best collection of TV and Web series available for free. English, Korean and, other language series are available on Niter.


Are you a Bollywood freak? If yes, then FilmyAnju is the best site for you. FilmyAnju has an awesome collection of all the old and new Bollywood movies. Bollywood and other Indian movies like popular Tamil and Telugu movies are also available for free on FilmyAnju.


To conclude, Movie4k and most of its free alternatives consist of pirated content. Hence these sites are illegal. There are a lot of good legal alternatives from where you can watch movies. Besides being illegal, these sites are not good for your device as well, as they bring harmful malware and corrupt your device.

However, the legal alternatives have high subscription charges, and not everyone can afford to buy subscriptions. In that case, these free streaming sites are the only feasible option available for people.

Nevertheless, we suggest people choose legal sites as they are safe to use.

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