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What to post on each social network

There are many social networks and five of them dominate the market. Maintaining a publishing discipline across all five networks is challenging in a digital marketing strategy. Each network has a different mission and audience and uses different formats, so knowing what to post on each social network is important.

If you have realized that the same should not be published in all of them, then you will have discovered that a content strategy is necessary in social networks where yes, content on the same topic can be generated, but the tone, frequency, form , the objective and the audience change.

To talk about it, it is important to understand what the mission of each social network is. After all, if you publish aligned with the mission of the network, you have a better chance of reaching your audience. On the contrary, if you publish inconsistently with the network’s reason for being, sooner or later they will be classified as not relevant by the same network.

What to post on Facebook

Facebook  – Facebook’s mission until last year was “to give people the power to share and make the world a more open and connected place .” But then Cambridge Analytica came along and confronted Facebook with the problem that open and connected represents a risk to people’s privacy and that the world does not like (and less so the legislators), so Facebook’s mission changed to “ Give people the power to build communities and bring the world closer . People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family to discover what is happening in the world and to share experiences and express what is important to them . ” The change was important because the phrase “build communities” came to the main plane. So the content strategy on Facebook. It should be publishing what is consistent with your mission. The information should be brief, it may be more casual because it is supposed to be directed at friends, family, communities. Even when posting to Facebook you can use a little humor. Given the technological turnaround of the platform and the announcement that, in early 2018, the video took a relevant role a couple of years ago and people are expected to share content in the form of short videos. And given the role Facebook seeks to play in the future of television, live video is one of its preferred formats. When looking to create communities, for Facebook the content that generates conversation is important, which generates interaction. In fact, in its latest messages, Facebook has said that it is very interested in “significant interactions”

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In fact, Zuckerberg published last January that the new Facebook update will prioritize posts that generate meaningful conversations and interactions between people. The algorithm will understand what kind of topics the user is interested in interacting with and that information is what it will show first, up to the top. Facebook is interested in privileging topics that generate dialogues and discussion threads and established that it would give priority to posts from friends and family over public content. So one of the initiatives that you are probably not using and that you should consider for your Facebook strategies is to create communities, which in more earthy language is to create groups and participate actively in them, but with content that generates conversation.

If you are a marketer working for a brand, the time has come for your content strategy on Facebook to reflect a more humane, talkative, friendlier, more inviting to interaction, more questioning tone. The traditional post that was almost a television ad adapted to Facebook no longer pulls.

What to post on Twitter

Twitter  – Twitter’s mission is to ” empower everyone to create ideas and information instantly, without barriers . ” That is why Twitter publishes everything open and what comes out on Twitter can be seen by everyone. Twitter aims to reach the largest audience in the world by connecting everyone on its platform. So the content strategy on Twitter should show recent, fresh publications, and be narrated as news, it can also have a short video because on that network, videos also generate more interaction. The news needs to speak in new and fresh terms, needs to generate engagement, interaction, #hashtags need to be carefully chosen to generate more engagement and search And certainly what is published on Twitter is different from what is published on Facebook.

What to post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn – LinkedIn’s mission is to “ create economic opportunity for each member of the global work network seeking to connect the professionals of the world to make them more productive and successful”. The information that is published on LinkedIn needs to be formally presented, in a corporate, professional, institutional way, and it is suggested that it be accompanied by supporting data, an authoritative reference and, of course, a short video that is also the format that LinkedIn is supporting more. In addition to the normal posts on LinkedIn, the platform allows and supports the publication of longer articles, as long as a blog post, this because being a professional network, the content in depth is synergistic with its mission. The content strategy on LinkedIn should be more thought out and more aligned with your buyer persona so that you can segment the publications for the interest of the audience and with a good strategy, reach groups that have an interest in specific topics.

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What to post on YouTube

YouTube – YouTube’s mission is to “give everyone a voice and show them the world”. YouTube believes that everyone deserves to have a voice and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories. YouTube is a place where people go to watch videos, they go with that disposition and that is why they are willing to consume longer videos than those they see on other social networks, in fact, a very short video on YouTube could sometimes disappoint because more in-depth content is expected. YouTube has become a place to learn how things are done, explanatory videos and tutorials that answer a specific question. Videos on YouTube are indexed by a powerful search engine on the platform and, in fact, it is the second most popular search engine in the world, which means that, after Google, The strategist of any marketer or entrepreneur must include a presence on YouTube. If the YouTube content strategy is well thought out, well organized content and YouTube algorithm parameters are met, then it will appear in search. On YouTube, live streaming content is highly privileged, just like on Facebook.

What to post on Instagram

Instagram – The original mission of Instagram was to ” capture and share the world’s moments through an App that people can use on their mobile phone to capture the moments they consider important . ” Then, more recently, she posted a simpler mission “to get closer to the people and things you love.” If we consider Instagram to be owned by Facebook then the people and things you love is synergistic with the part of Facebook that says “ to stay connected with friends and family to discover what is happening in the world and share experiences and express what is important “however, it does not speak or mention” communities “like Facebook does. Since in this social network there is talk of capturing and sharing, in the Instagram content strategy should be careful using good graphics and short videos. On Instagram, video is also important and when using a graphic, you must include overlapping text that completes what the image is communicating. The use of appropriate hashtags is also essential. And let’s not forget to mention the “stories” that are essential on Instagram, as well as on Facebook.

What to post on your Website

Your website – your website has a mission, which is to inform people what you do, how you do it, how you are different from the competitors, how you are better than the competitors, how to contact you, how to buy yourself and much more information . In fact, the website is the place where your allies, potential contacts, buyers and clients will inform themselves about your company and its products or services and what you publish there, must fulfill that mission. When developing the content strategy for your website Considering who is being spoken to, which customer profile you are interested in serving and what differentiator you want to highlight, then you already know what you should publish on your website. Do not fall into the mistake of making a website as you only like it because if the site does not meet what your market wants, no matter how beautiful, modern, minimalist or loaded it is, it will not work … although you you like it The website is to please your market, yes of course, you should be proud of it, but your taste should never be above what your market demands, requires and demands. So the definition of what to publish on your website should come out of the strategy.

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What to post on your blog

Your blog –  if the website must satisfy your audience, your blog must do much better. The blog demonstrates your knowledge of the sector, your field, your trade, your market, but it also tells the client that you are pursuing content that interests them and adds value. It is a mix between yours and theirs. The content strategy for your blog Appeal to the interests of your audience and build a bridge from those interests to your products and services, allowing you to relate what you offer with what interests your prospect or your client. Your blog content should tell a story, have a sequence, and invite action. Technically, you should consider SEO techniques and it should be extensive enough to develop deep content that shows your authority. A blog post should follow the best practices of organic optimization because it is a fresh page of your site that Google can index to appear in a search, attract traffic and generate a flow of visitors from where some could be potential customers.

What to publish in each social network, finally, depends on each company

Answer What to publish in each social network ? It is also a challenge, since it changes from one market to another and from one sector to another, however, the guidelines we have shared help to outline what content, what tone, what objective and what format should be used in each social network. As you may have noticed, developing a content strategy on social networks is very important because the more networks you choose, the greater the effort. Of course, you can take the easy and cheap way to publish the same on all networks and, in fact, it is what many do because they do not have the resources to make a different content strategy for each social network. But the duty must be that each network is operated according to its mission, understanding what it is that the network considers good and what it is not.

The best way to carry out a complete strategy, that designs and executes each social network as it should be done, is with the help of an agency that groups content strategy for social networks, design, creativity, writing, video production, metrics and quality. If this worries you and you think it can help your company, then at Prospect Factory  we can probably help you, as we do with many other clients.

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