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Tips to identify your digital audience

The importance of knowing the digital audience of your brand

In the previous articles, we have already talked about how to make a digital content strategy and the most common mistakes when creating a content strategy, both notes are highly related to the issue of how to identify your digital audience.

Next, we will talk about the importance of knowing your digital audience ; what are their interests, their consumption habits and the analysis of how they interact with the content of your brand.

First of all, you have to be clear about the concept of digital audience , which refers to the amount of audience you are trying to get your brand message to. It is important to consider that your audience may be made up of one or more interests, that is, those who need your product or services, those who are in the purchasing decision stage and finally, those who consider you an opinion leader.

These are some tips to identify your digital audience

After landing your goals to create a digital content strategy, it is very important that you give yourself the task of identifying what your digital audience is , this will help you to know what is the best strategy to attract them to your brand, satisfy their needs to through a digital content strategy and communicate what differentiates you from your direct competition.

Although organic content is a relevant strategy for the positioning of your brand, today it is very difficult to stand out with unpatterned content, especially due to the high demand for brands that have capital destined to have a greater reach.

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The recommendation is that you analyze the status of your content and allocate some monthly capital to boost the positioning of your brand, profiles your digital audience and make it grow.

Previously we talked about the different interests of your audience and in order to have a target audience, you must prioritize your main market, that is, categorize which are the most relevant products or services for your digital audience . Knowing your market will help you identify who your main customers are and their consumption habits.

Today there are various tools that help you simplify the task of identifying your digital audience , for example: Google Analytics, which provides data that helps you to outline the interests of customers and to know: sex, age, segments, interests, languages, locations and what device they use to connect.

To structure a positioning strategy in Google Search , there is Google Ads , a tool that by intelligently investing your capital, will help you position the website of your company or brand within the first Google search engines.

And Facebook?

Of course we cannot ignore Facebook Audience Insights, the best tool to know the behavior of the people who follow you on this platform, since it provides you with data, connection times, type of device and scope number.

We hope that the information we provide you is useful for profiling the digital audience of your brand and meeting your objectives. Consider that to make a digital marketing strategy successful, you must analyze the information to make smart decisions.

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