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How to succeed on Instagram? 5 tips to make your brand shine

It is no secret that Instagram is one of the main pillars of social media marketing , but opening an account, posting promotions and photos with many hashtags are not enough for a brand, otherwise we would all have a business in our hands. So how do big brands do it? Can you know how to succeed on Instagram ? Of course!

Here I briefly explain some useful tips that have worked for me to create content that makes brands shine on Instagram.

1. Create valuable content

Remember that good content is the basis of success for social media marketing . Producing for producing without a clear objective and without a strategy behind will only waste time and resources, without receiving anything in return and your publications will be lost among more than 1 billion active users in the world, according to Statista .

In addition, uploading photos without a goal in mind will only make them lose themselves among a sea of ​​more than 100 million daily videos and photos, the competition is not easy! Take time to plan the following:

  • Colors Adjust the colors so that the image is more attractive. There are many mobile and desktop apps that allow you to have presets and you don’t need to adjust with each publication.
  • Photo caption . Make sure the text is short and preferably has a call to action. Avoid talking only about the wonderfulness of your product, better talk to the community.
  • Hashtags Instagram algorithms can penalize you for abusing hashtags, so be careful about choosing keywords.
  • Labels to business partners or influencers Plan your content thinking about the alliances you have with other brands or with influencers.
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By now you should know that the Instagram profile allows you to diversify your brand’s content production, but do you know how to get the most out of your company profile on Instagram ? The answer is down here.

Are you looking for engagement? Bet on the video

The monarch of content on Instagram has not reached his throne by mere whim. Recent statistics from Instagram show that the video has much more engagement than other types of posts.

A video post receives twice as much engagement as other content. Also, keep in mind that you are competing daily with the content of 2 million advertisers and the number continues to rise.

Do not complicate yourself by wanting to make mega-productions that will be lost in 24 hours. Currently there are many options to make video production simple and without having to download any sophisticated software.

Use a video editor that allows you to create an attractive video with a design suitable for your brand. You can also include your own photos and customize the colors to standardize the content.

Focus on Instagram stories

There are a lot of success stories from brands of all sizes that have bet on growing their community and engagement with very good Instagram stories , mainly because they have an emotional and interactive base.

It’s super easy to create them and once you have a strategy for this, you encourage your fans to participate. Having good activity in stories shows that you have constant activity as a brand and incentivize your most loyal followers.

According to a recent survey conducted by the same social network, 39% of people have become more interested in a brand after seeing it on Instagram Stories.

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Monitor statistics

No effort will pay off if it is misguided. Make sure you keep a close eye on the statistics your content gets.

An average Instagram post receives 5,963 likes , although this figure is distorted by influencer accounts; the average is usually 100, and 50% of people receive less than 100 likes per post, but not everything revolves around this. Marketing success stories on Instagram arise from a comprehensive strategy that grows the community and its popularity, yes, but you should also focus on conversions. We are here to sell more, right?

Likewise, keep your competition on the radar. Evaluate their contents and record how they are doing, maybe they are overlooking something that you could take advantage of, or vice versa.

3. Encourage participation

Many people wonder how to gain followers on Instagram , and the answer is weighted considering the quality of the content and promoting the participation of users with the brand.

For this there is no magic formula, you have to put creativity to good use.

4. Promote effectively

Invest in the posts that have the greatest potential to ensure engagement . For this you have to be especially careful because you have to bet on organic content, yes, but also to guide things that tie with Instagram standards for advertising.

Promote your own hashtags

Spend time researching keywords and appropriate terms for those who don’t follow your account to reach your content. Analyze the data and take advantage of what you consider useful.

However, it is also okay to want to produce your own trends. Get creative enough with your hashtags . What do I mean by this? Don’t use hashtags that are too long, difficult to remember, or meaningless in the keyword spectrum.

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Strengthen your brand image by promoting simple dynamics through your own hashtags that motivate your community.

5. Recognize your audience

We all like to be recognized , even for our participation.

If someone took the time to take a photo of your product to share with their followers, acknowledge it! You will feel taken into account by the brand and this encourages your loyalty.

The importance of social networks in marketing is sustained thanks to the fact that platforms constantly change, adapt to demand, and this allows – and at the same time forces – brands to keep their eyes open for new formats and trends.

If you have any more foolproof tips you’ve tried with your brand, share them!

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