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Tips to gain visibility on Instagram

Do you want to gain visibility on Instagram and do not know how? Do not worry, here you will find the necessary information to achieve it. When you enter the world of social networks you understand that each one has to handle a different dynamic.

According to a study by market research company Forrestser Research, the Instagram posts of the best brands get up to 58 times more interaction per follower than on Facebook. In the same way, this figure reaches 120 times more than on Twitter.

You will be surprised to know that it is one of the largest and busiest platforms currently. According to Statista, since June 2018 it has  more than one billion  monthly active users . It should be noted that half of them are active every day.

This is a digital platform based on visual content making it the perfect candidate to gain a loyal following. But, to achieve this goal you have to be clear about how you can gain visibility on Instagram. When you already answer this question you will start working on it and you will see the results.

How to use the algorithm to gain visibility on Instagram

You probably don’t know how exactly the Instagram algorithm works But take into account that this is not going to depend on the amount of publications you make, but on how relevant the content you publish is and how the audience reacts.

However, you can use it to your advantage to gain visibility on Instagram. If you are wondering how you can do it, just pay attention and take note of the following tips:

  • Quality content:  Focus on posting engaging content. The main thing is quality and not quantity.
  • Vary your posts: Constantly posting  an image won’t give you as much visibility as you get from a video or photo carousel.
  • Play the most successful format:  If you already know your audience, then you know the style of posts they like best. Take advantage of it!
  • Indicated time: There are specific times when it is beneficial to post , those where people are most active and will make you gain visibility on Instagram.
  • Hashtags:  They can be your best allies to obtain greater visualization from users. You just have to know how to use them so that the algorithm spreads your publications much more.
  • Create conversations:  It is not just about posting images or videos, it is important that you post a description for followers to comment. This is a way to get to know your target audience and communicate with them.
  • Promote participation:  Stories are perfect for trivia or quizzes, allowing you to interact more closely and individually with your followers. This initiative encourages them to write to you.
  • Interact with other profiles:  Give what you expect to receive from others, that is, visit your profiles as well. This will help you to be visible and that others know you.
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Recommendations to gain visibility on Instagram

You already know how to work with the algorithm, it is time that you know the recommended strategies to apply to gain visibility on Instagram. You go hand in hand with the tips above. But what you will see below will complement your actions to achieve your goal.

1.- Use the content of other users

It is not about copying or plagiarizing the content created by another person, but using it by giving it its respective credit. This will allow you to have quality content without spending a lot of time or resources. In addition, it is a way to make yourself known because if it is viral, others will also want to share it.

But yes, you must take into account the quality of what you publish and the consistency in the visual codes of your brand. This means that it is not good to upload anything to the platform. It is recommended to maintain uniformity. Otherwise you will lose visibility and even followers.

2.- To be seen, you must also interact

When you go to make a publication, first go to another account to see and like its contents. But not only that. After uploading your content you should also do it. You may wonder how that helps you. Easy. It makes you visible to others who will come to review your feed.

It is a practical and simple way to gain visibility on Instagram and only requires reciprocity. When others see that you know how to appreciate the publications of others, they will see in you the ability to recognize good material and they will know that you are also capable of creating it.

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3.- The stories are your allies

It’s about knowing how to link your stories with what your profile reflects, both aspects complement each other. Your stories can direct users who haven’t seen the updates to a new post . You configure the options so that others can share them and thus gain visibility on Instagram.

In addition, stories offer you a range of options that make them more attractive. You can mention in it people who will be informed by DM and will quickly see your stories. Add hashtags that are viral to position yourself. You can also do it in the opposite way, that is, from the feed to the story. If you have a new series of stories, you can make a summary of what they contain from your profile.

4.- Try to entertain your audience

Do you have a brand or company profile? Or is it a personal account? In either case it is relevant that you keep in mind that you keep your audience entertained. Currently there are simple ways to do it, you can choose to present a video related to what you offer.

Although it is difficult to assimilate Instagram is an entertainment social network but it is not about uploading funny content. You can entertain with any content that is focused on the interest of your audience. Of course, it does not hurt to take advantage of current trends such as ” memes “, used even by major brands.

5.- More faces, less objects

In the beginning it was based on the images that showed more objects, but it turns out that photos that show faces get  38% more likes .  This is a technique to gain visibility on Instagram because it is proven that they prefer to see faces.

You may think that this only applies to personal profiles, but it does not. If the account is from a brand, you can show more than the product. Add a person using it to convey a testimonial. Or if you have a work team take the opportunity to present it to your audience, not only do you become more visible but you humanize your company.

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6.- A constant reinvention

Keep in mind that probably in the first publications you will not be able to gain the visibility on Instagram that you want so much. It does not mean that it is a bad strategy but that you must constantly change it. What did not work today perhaps tomorrow will. But always try a variety of content.

This reflects the importance of knowing your audience because when you know their tastes and preferences, it is easier to know what to publish . This draws the attention of faithful followers and attracts new people, you just have to constantly reinvent yourself.

7.- Respond to comments

It may seem basic but answering comments will help you a lot to be visible in this highly demanded social network. It is essential to maintain a fluid conversation and will help you build ties with your followers. In addition, it will be very useful to position your publication.

It consists of responding to Instagram comments, as you do so, the algorithm recognizes your publication as valuable content . So you know, you just have to reply to your followers and position your profile in an organic way.

8.- Update with the formats

Instagram is a social network that has constant changes and you have to keep up with it to stay within the digital trends. How can you do it? It is very simple, keep an eye out for platform updates. If they get a new feature in stories, don’t hesitate a minute to apply it.

People are attracted to what is fashionable or trendy. So you cannot be left out. Using the news is a way to position yourself, get more followers and gain visibility on Instagram. Take advantage of innovations!

9.- Do not saturate your followers

Evaluate the fair measure of your publications because it is not pleasant to find a bombardment of content from the same profile. According to a Buffer analysis  , top brands post an average of 1.5 times per day on Instagram. Take that number into account and you’ll start to see the results.

Remember to be consistent with the content you post. The idea is that you be creative and original. When you develop a visual identity, followers immediately recognize who the post is.

10.- Invest in advertising

An investment in advertising will make you grow and capitalize on your success, you will also achieve your goal of gaining visibility on Instagram. If you want all this, it is necessary that you do not skimp when investing, this will be a benefit for your brand or company.

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