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5 ways to position your local business in Google faster

Positioning your local business on Google is as vital as it is necessary to place your name on the map. More, considering that in web positioning , any small detail can make the difference between appearing in front or behind your competition.

Today, most of the world is connected. Billions of people are currently doing local searches every month. Of those searches, more than 30% of those conducted with mobile devices are related to location.

Each month, Google offers hundreds of millions of phone accesses and receives billions of address requests for companies worldwide.

It is relevant to position your local business in Google because a company is twice as likely to be recognized when it is possible to find and contact it online.

Why position your local business on Google?

According to IPSOS research in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, 3 out of 4 online customers use a search engine to find a business. And 7 out of 10 bought from a business they found using a search engine.

While in cases such as Spain and much of Europe in the short term, the new consumer will prioritize savings , the purchase of fresh and healthy products and will be more digitized and with a greater intention to consume near their safe place.

With that in mind, it is essential to ask, when people search for your business, do you appear on Google? Is it possible to view your phone number? Does the correct address appear? ”

Local marketing that keeps us close

Positioning your local business on Google allows you to be recognized in the short term. It is a way to start small to reach the masses. If your service is good, the WOM of your local marketing will increase your reach and impact.

Local marketing is a strategy that allows you to target audiences close to your company’s geospatial location with messages that reflect the local market.

Small businesses can exponentially benefit from local marketing. Especially in building a loyal customer base through the use of local assets.

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However, without an understanding of the local public, all efforts will be in vain. As much as you seek to rank your local business on Google, you need to recognize the ways in which your customers relate to you as a business neighbor.

That is, your messages within Google must be based on proximity. Local marketing strategies engage with communities to build presence.

How to make your presence known as a brand

With local marketing you will need to configure geographic targeting and write a persuasive copy that uses a specific language that identifies your local audience.

The reason is that targeting the local audience is not just about selecting a certain location. It’s also about using the right keywords and the right language to engage that audience.

To work based on your local audience you will need a series of tools . All together with your identity and proximity strategy, they will allow you to position your local business in Google.

1.- Google Trends

It is an excellent way to improve the competitive advantage of your local business. It is especially useful to know the conversation that your audiences are having with your environment and with your competition.

You can use Google Trends in your strategies to boost your local business on Google. In order to obtain trend information on searches and important topics, Google Trends is a letter that you should always have up your sleeve if you are looking to boost your business. Because it shows you:

  • Daily Visitors: The number of visitors that you, as well as your competition, receive in certain periods of time. Analyzing these data you will be able to know what years, what months and what days you attract the greatest or least amount of visitors. In addition, of course, to see if the traffic to your website is increasing or decreasing.
  • Regions: This section presents a sample of countries where your website is most visited. You will also have a list of suggestions about the popular markets of your competition.
  • Also visited: This list gives you the search terms most used by your visitors. Which is quite flattering since you can use it to add new keywords to your content and attract more visitors to your online business.

How do I access Google Trends?

  1. Visit
  2. In the search box, enter your address or that of your competition.
  3. In the window that appears, click on websites.
  4. Shopping Insights
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Given the fluctuations in consumer demand, you need to use tools to help you understand the changes in how people search on Google .

With the world of commerce at your fingertips, consumers are more curious, more demanding, and more impatient than ever. As a result, retailers have to anticipate customer needs to provide the products they are looking for and plan marketing strategies such as ranking your local business on Google.

With Google Shopping Insights, your plan to boost your local business will be more advanced. This tool allows you to understand the purchase interests of your close users in great detail.

It is a free tool, available to everyone, that can help you follow purchase intention trends by category.

2.- Google My Business

Of course, your plan to boost your local business with Google could not miss your presence in Google My Business . Well, appearing here will allow your business to also appear on Google maps, which will increase the visibility of your Site.

On the other hand, it will also allow you to rank high in the local search results. Since in these Google shows a top table with three main results, which are also called listings.

Google listings, specifically, appear just when people search for business, allowing interested people to get more information or get in touch with just a click.

Want to learn SEO techniques in detail? Enroll in an SEO Training Course and become a specialist yourself.

Benefits of appearing on Google My Business

Your business will stand out. Customers compare company lists when making decisions. So you want it to count every time someone finds you in Search and Maps.

It is important to keep your list updated with new photos, special offers and promotions. You can also use the tool to create a simple, free, high-quality website if you don’t already have one.

You can interact with clients. Today, many people share stories, leave reviews, and communicate with small businesses using their phones.

You can find new clients. Google listings make it easy to identify how people find and interact with your business, helping your business attract new customers.

You can track how many searches your business gets, how many views their posts and photos get, and monitor incoming phone calls and address requests.

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Recommendations with Google My Business

  • Add photos to show what your business has to offer. The companies with photos get 42% more applications of indications.
  • Add open hours. 40% of people looking for local information look for business hours. It’s also important for people to know if you offer home delivery.
  • Interact with customers and encourage reviews. 71% of customers say that positive reviews of search engine results give them more confidence when opting for a local business.

3.- Google Maps

According to Google, 30% of mobile searches are related to location . For example, if you are a salon owner and a potential client decides to go and cut your hair after your workday is over; To do this, access Google or Google Maps from your cell phone and search for the term ” hairdresser “.

According to the location of the search. A list of beauty centers or hairdressers will appear where you could appear. Because The Google Maps feature, formerly known as Google Places, is now part of the Google My Business dashboard.

When you locate your local business on Google Maps remember this. Although Google, in some situations, will show businesses from neighboring communities in the search results “Local” (Maps). You can only register your business in the city where you have a physical address.

4.- Google Search Console

It is a basic tool in which you must register the Web of your business. This Google functionality will allow you to visualize where the visitors your Site receives come from. Taking into account both the Keywords that the users who got there were looking for and the links of other Websites that redirected users to yours.

Other advantages offered by this tool. It is that it allows you to check the indexing status of your Web pages, and to check if there is a technical problem that does not allow the correct display for some users.

In short, it is a free tool. That allows you to maintain control of your local business website at all times.

5.- Write quality and extensive content

If something is true, it is that one of the most important positioning factors is content. It doesn’t matter what niche your business belongs to. You can write content on any topic as long as you have something of value to say.

Extensive content allows you to better work on your keywords, their synonyms, your link building strategy and, therefore, helps to increase the traffic that your website receives. Therefore, having a well-planned content marketing strategy will help you to position your local business in Google more easily.

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