Business Intelligence as a communication strategy

Given the increasing competition in the tourism sector, there is an urgent need to renew and improve the offer through ICT platforms that help create services and products better adapted to the current reality. Thus, Business Intelligence becomes more relevant today.

Tourists do not have the same consumption habits as, for example, their parents. But this does not mean that everyone thinks exactly the same and, given the enormous number of options, we find ourselves in a serious problem: How can I make them choose my hotel before the competition?

Thanks to Business Intelligence , you can get data from the past immediately and have it at hand in real time thanks to systems based on Online Analytics Processing, which will help you make decisions and act more flexibly in new situations. This is achieved by gathering, debugging and transforming the data for its exploitation and thus being able to make better decisions.

Improve your communication strategy by applying Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence gives you the opportunity to understand the tourism experience of visitors and the importance of your business within the value chain, which can explain what is happening and come on . In this way, for example, you can improve your communication strategy by knowing the interests and habits of visitors.

One of the advantages of Business Intelligence is that you can improve your communication strategy. How? By having well-shredded and accurate data on the state of your company and the behavior of citizens.

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By analyzing the tourism sector data, you will be able to improve the type of content that you offer to your clients and potential clients, making your inbound marketing strategy more effective, improving your SEO positioning and attracting more traffic to your site, but traffic truly interested in your hotel.

New opportunities for your business with reading and optimizing data

For example, Business Intelligence will help you improve the effectiveness of your website by examining your site’s performance, usage trends, visitor loyalty, search engine performance, and so on. This information will allow you to better understand your site and improve its design so that visitors feel more comfortable and attracted to what you offer.

It will also help you to better segment your advertising campaigns because you can collect comprehensive data from your target audience . By creating user behavior patterns on different platforms, you can increase the reach and number of prospects for your hotel, so that they make more reservations and prefer to stay with you.

Outsmart your competition with the correct use of data

The Business Intelligence allows optimal, proper and efficient use of the data of the tourism industry and your business in particular, helping to turn them into goals and translate them into useful information to grow your business, creating a differentiator in the industry and offering people what they want from you.

If you want to know more about the advantages for your hotel, or for any other business you have, that has the Business Intelligence application , contact us today. At Prospect Factory , we help you optimize this data and apply it comprehensively to your communication strategy.

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