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How to choose an agency specialized in Amazon Ads

The most competitive companies invest in an agency specialized in Amazon Ads to increase their sales. Amazon dominates the online market, representing more than 40% of online sales that are made in Spain . However, it is a platform where competition is very high and where it is not easy to stand out.

But how do you choose the one that best suits your needs? Before making any decision you have to take into account several aspects, such as her reputation or the way she works.  In the following sections you will find everything an agency must comply with in order for you to start collaborating with it.

What can an agency specialized in Amazon Ads give you?

Amazon started in 1994  , and since then e-commerce has changed a lot. What started as a small online store has resulted in a hugely complex mastodon. Gaining visibility and sales is a certainly complicated embassy for many brands. This is where the figure of the agency specialized in Amazon Ads, whose work can bring you, among many others, the following benefits :

  • Increased sales . By partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable agency you can develop a competitive strategy to drive orders.
  • Good advice . An experienced consultant will keep you informed about the latest changes in the sector. In addition, it will explain what Amazon’s algorithms are and why they are changing. All his wisdom is reflected in an effective marketing strategy. Their experience will also help you to overcome moments of crisis.
  • Best rate of return (ROI).  The combination of great advice and great sales often translates into a higher return on investment (ROI).   That extra money can be reinvested in other areas of your business. If you are not making profits thanks to your assistant, it is a sign that you have the wrong agency.
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8 keys to choose an agency correctly

An agency specialized in Amazon Ads has to meet certain requirements in order for you to consider working with it. Fulfilling all that you will find in this list should be essential to be chosen.

1.- Experience and extensive experience

Choose an agency with proven experience in Amazon Ads, who can show you practical cases carried out for important clients. The sponsored ads Amazon and have long running and many agencies have successfully tested many strategies. Review the work done for past clients and their results, so that the experience is really proven.

Ask for as much information as you can before making any crucial decisions . Your sales are at stake, so take the necessary time before opting for an option.

2.- Professional team

Personnel qualification is a more important condition than meets the eye. An agency can show you the most amazing technology on the market, but if there is nobody capable of handling it, it is practically useless. A trained professional can optimize your performance and give you good results.

In this case, your employment relationship will be limited to the team in charge of Amazon Ads campaigns. Keep in mind that, in addition to having knowledge of digital marketing, you have to handle yourself correctly with mathematical questions.

Also, your engineering knowledge needs to be deep to analyze all the data. Only a multidisciplinary agency can guarantee success. 

3.- Transparent budgets

For many companies, price is an important factor when they start looking for an agency specialized in Amazon Ads. It is essential that it meets the agreed budget, especially if you intend to maximize the ROI of your company.

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Some companies display their price catalog online, while others invite you to request a quote. In some cases, prices also depend on the service requested, as well as the size of your product range.

What you must never allow is for the agency to go beyond what is stipulated. There never has to be an extra cost that is not duly justified. The budget has to be clear, with everything that is going to be done and the cost of each action.

4.- Tools they use to work at Amazon

If you work with prestigious agencies, be sure that in their day to day they will use a wide variety of techniques. It is helpful to know what they are, as they can give you access to the reports generated by those tools. Many companies specializing in Amazon Ads routinely use the following:

  • KeywordTool. io . A must to research keywords on Amazon. Generates information about related keywords, as well as your search volume, competition and cost per click (CPC).
  • Jungle Scout . This tool is valuable for analyzing competition, searching for keywords, and monitoring products. It is available as a web application and as a browser extension for Google Chrome.
  • AMZTracker . The range of options it presents is really complete. Thanks to this tool, agencies can, among other things, optimize the product and analyze the competition. With its functions you can achieve notable improvements in the conversion rate (CRO) .

In some cases, a consultant may have their own software to do this type of action.

5.- They comply with good practices

A suitable agency specialized in Amazon Ads is the one that completely monitors a campaign. You have to receive weekly reports with results , proposals, comparisons … remember that you pay for it. The matter is not limited to paying for some ads and forgetting. Monitoring is key to know if the actions are working or not.

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Therefore, it is important that you know well the level of transparency with which they work. And it is also essential that they are always available to show you the results they are getting. Having access to information periodically helps to know if the agency is really professional and trustworthy.

Finally, you must have control at all times over the web and the Amazon account. The agency may access them, but only temporarily, until your employment relationship ends. In this way, you will be able to observe the development of the campaigns and make the pertinent decisions. If the results are not as expected, you can cancel the collaboration or suggest a change of strategy.

8.- Personal sensations

No matter how much detailed information you have on hand, it is often the feeling that tips the scales . A positive first impression can even be decisive.

When you choose an agency specialized in Amazon Ads, you should be able to work and communicate without problems. This involves fluid communication and the ability to naturally suggest modifications. At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable throughout the process. If this project is to be carried out without trust, it will surely not produce the results expected by both parties. 

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