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Original CTAs in email marketing that generate clicks

Original email marketing CTAs ensure that your entire strategy works. A good call to action is essential for success, since it is this element that will indicate to users what to do next. Therefore, it is the catalyst that stimulates conversions and sales.

Having original CTAs in email marketing means being up to date with current trends. It is a great way to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are effective.

CTAs should be the first thing you write when writing a new email campaign. This is because the goal of your email is to get readers to click on your CTA and take the next step in the buying process.

Think of your email as a trip. Your subject line should entice readers to open your email, copy and images should convince, and CTA is the door to that conversion.

Visual narrative works to create desire and excite potential customers. Your email call to action is the natural next step when the customer has been convinced. Imagine what a disappointment if you have been seduced by what you tell him, but you do not know where you must go to get what you want.

For this, the call to action must be easily visible and correspond to the conversion objective. Here are some tips to create original CTAs in email marketing. Plus, the examples can help you with the inspiration you need to create them.

For a good start, start at the end

Before you can start designing original CTAs in email marketing, you must know exactly what you want to get people to do. This is a basic factor, but it is often left until the last moment before sending an email.

The truth is that you are not interested in finding out what your objective is once you start writing your email; You want to start with it in mind before tackling the task, since it is the most effective way to focus all the elements of an email towards this conversion goal.

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Whatever the specific objective of each email, the general objective of all of them is conversion. In other words, users end up clicking on the call to action. And for this to happen, the purpose of the email must be very clear and materialized in the CTA.

Do it in parts

sequence of emails could work to build trust and therefore include different types of original email marketing CTAs in each delivery:

  • For example, the first email could invite subscribers to learn more about your company’s mission. In this case, your CTA could be a “learn more” or “more information” button.
  • The second email can feature social proof or testimonials, so your CTA can lead to the press page, or your comment page on your website.
  • The third email could promote a special discount with a CTA to “buy now”.

The possibilities are vast. Therefore, it is best to first define the ultimate goal of each email you send. Write original email marketing CTAs that fit the specific purpose of the email before proceeding with any other part of the email.

What makes original email marketing CTAs turn

The importance of CTAs to achieve the objectives of any email marketing campaign has already been made clear. Now, it is time to understand how you can create original CTAs in email marketing that guarantee the success of your shipments.

1.- Message

A CTA button is often  limited to one or two words . No more is needed to clearly point the way to the reader. However, when it comes to email, the limit can be doubled. Therefore, it can sometimes be interesting to use short phrases that reinforce the objective:

Furthermore, a vital factor when drafting the text of the CTAs is to avoid passive language. Words must call for action and be dynamic. A CTA message should include  active words  like  buy, get, join, visit .

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It is also interesting that they describe the  benefits  of the promoted action: guarantee, free, results, gift, new, learn, improve … These types of terms give more value to a CTA.

Hook phrases like, “Get more tips” instead of “Subscribe” declare benefits instead of direct orders to act. However, the result is just as effective.

Another technique to write correctly is to use shocking language that creates a sense of urgency and induces you to act quickly at the prospect of missing a good opportunity.

Words  as  urgent  as  now, today, limited duration, expire, just today, etc They encourage clicks from those who don’t like to miss any opportunity.

To get people connected to the offer promoting your original CTAs in email marketing, it may be a good idea to include personal pronouns  like  me or me in the copy .

Language in the first person also carries weight. For example, I am interested or  want a free demo  makes the user feel identified with the call to action, and is more difficult to ignore.

2.- The visual

Some tips suggest that your call to action button should be short and laconic; others that it should stand out and attract attention. Although the most advisable is that a CTA matches the general tone of the email.

This means that when designing original CTAs in email marketing these must be consistent with the content and copy of the email :

  • Choosing a unique color that is  rarely used in your emails is a good idea as long as you maintain the correct color balance .
  • Choosing the right size  is very important: to make sure your CTA button is the right size,  preview your email  to see how it looks on the desktop and on mobile devices.

3.- Create a diagram

As with any other element of emails, disputes over the best place to put original CTAs in email marketing continue, and it doesn’t look like a consensus will be reached soon. However, these may be the best options:

  • Put a CTA on top so subscribers notice it without scrolling down.
  • Put it on the bottom to avoid being too aggressive from the first moment.
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The truth is, as always, somewhere in between. Find out which location most easily guarantees interaction with your campaigns . If the purpose of the email is understandable from the first sentence, it makes sense to put a CTA higher up.

However, if your offer needs additional explanation, for example because it proposes to update an app, please make a call to action after listing all the reasons why people can benefit from it.

4.- Try to add subtle directional signs

Many people have had success adding arrows that point to their buttons. While this is a good way to get readers’ attention to the button, it can also distract from the content .

Another more subtle technique is to use images that point to the CTA. For example, instead of a person looking directly at the camera, they can look in the direction of the button.

5.- Make the button big enough

Well, this does not mean that your CTA button is huge. You do not want it to be unpleasant to the eye or destroy the harmony of the set, but at the same time, it must be large enough to be located quickly. Use your judgment and do an eye exam. Can you find the button?

It is usually not very easy to find the right key when it comes to design. However, one of the best strategies to always check the effectiveness of the elements is to perform A / B tests and measure their results.

Create versions of your emails and send them to different groups of customers. Then you can check the conversion rates for each version to understand what works best.

6.- Less is more

If the architecture of your email is chaotic it will be difficult to find the CTA. It doesn’t matter how much you stand out or how big it is. Always make sure there is enough white space around your button to avoid any visual noise.

It is essential that your CTAs are not lost in an overly variegated design . Put it in a visible place before you need to scroll. If it is a very long email, repeat the call to action with a button at the end of the text.

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