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Parents are constantly looking for ways to help their children grow and achieve their fullest potential. The childcare industry caters to their needs by providing daycares, preschools and more. The educational aspect of a child’s development is always at the forefront, preparing them for school and further education. But this notion is changing today towards a more holistic development approach. The increased awareness of the necessity for psychological and emotional development alongside physical and intellectual development is responsible for this shift. Parents should opt for a daycare or a preschool that offers a holistic curriculum. There are several factors they can check to ensure the school provides a program that matters.


Here is a list of factors to check for:


New parents can ask for references from people they trust, like friends and families with babies or toddlers already enrolled in a preschool. Personal references are an excellent way to confirm the integrity of daycare, as parents can personally witness the curriculum’s effects. Parents who have already got a preschool for their child can talk to the parents of the children there.


The campus’s facilities tell a lot about the preschool as it reflects their knowledge of children’s developmental needs. Additionally, parents can also understand what the preschool offers and gain an idea of their program.

Developmental Goals

While some daycares may have different names for this concept, it is essentially an outline of their program’s aims to teach children to develop all aspects of their personalities. Developmental goals detail the various facets of the program and their contribution to the child’s developmental experience. These goals should cover all necessary factors for each developmental area.

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Physical Development

Physical development goals differ depending on the age group of the child. Preschools offering courses for children aged 0 years to toddlers (5 years) provide consistent development for the child during these years. Their campus must have all the necessary equipment to aid the child’s motor development.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to the development of the child’s learning ability. A preschool’s curriculum should have an effective teaching methodology along with an informative syllabus. The teacher’s abilities come into play here, and parents should request to meet them before enrolling. Additionally, meeting the teachers allows parents an insight into the preschool’s teaching methodology and their commitment to children’s developmental benefit.

Emotional and Psychological Development

This development focuses on the emotional intelligence of the child and their emotional capabilities. This development determines their experiences, as it is the foundation on which all their emotions depend. It determines how they react to stressful situations, how they react in social settings and how they process various experiences in their life. A sound psychological foundation allows children to deal with their emotions healthily while respecting others’ emotions. The preschool’s commitment to this developmental area defines their outlook and ability to provide a holistic developmental environment for children.

Involving Family

Another significant characteristic to look for is how much the preschool or daycare involves the parents in the child’s educational and developmental process. Parents are the primary caregivers and must be an intrinsic part of every stage of the child’s development. The daycare must have a system to regularly update parents on their child’s progress in various areas. Additionally, the preschool must also have activities, events and meets where parents and their children have shared learning experiences.

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The usual things parents look for are tuition fees, distance, and the preschool’s credibility. While these are essential factors to look for, more intrinsic factors determine whether the educational process will benefit the child. Parents must also consider what matters before opting for childcare.

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