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PDFBear: The Best Tool to Convert Your PDF Files to PDF/A

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Many have been using it. You know why? It is because anyone can view it on any computer without changing the document’s format. But PDF comes in different types. One of them is PDF/A, which archives the documents. One use of PDF/A is to store or preserve the data in the document. This means that no matter how long you use it, it will still look the same. Also, it has a stricter set of standards compared to PDF. 

Steps to Convert PDF to PDF/A

As mentioned earlier, you only need to follow four steps to finish the file conversion. These are:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to visit the PDFBear website. It offers the option to convert PDF to PDFA. After that, you will see a box where you can drag or select the PDF file you want to convert. 
  2. After uploading your PDF file, the tool will start scanning the document. 
  3. While the tool scans the file, what you will do is wait until the process is complete. 
  4. After two minutes of waiting, you will now see a ready-to-download PDF/A. Download it and you are done.

Reasons Why You Need to Convert PDF to PDF/A

Are you an office worker or a student? Either of the two, you are most likely to collect different hard-copied documents. Unfortunately, it cannot last for years. As time goes on, it will deteriorate, making it look old and hard to read. 

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Considering the modern world, digital documents are on-trend. They are way better at preserving a file than the hard copies. PDF is an example of a digital document. 

But what if the information in your file is still relevant in the next decade or even century? Do you think your PDF file will look the same as it is now? Probably not. 

That is when PDF/A becomes handy. As mentioned, this type of PDF aids in preserving the file for future use. Take note that although PDF and PDF/A are both digital documents, they are still different. 

One benefit of converting PDF to PDF/A is that it can preserve metadata. Metadata refers to the data information or description. It is important in organizing, searching, and comprehending the data. 

Why Use a PDF to PDF/A Converter

Technology is continuously improving and changing the lives of many. If you think PDF is the best way to preserve information, think twice. PDF/A can give you better work. The internet offers you a tool that helps in converting PDF to PDF/A file. Fortunately, most of them are easy and simple to use. The following are the reasons you should start using PDF to PDF/A converter now!

Convert Files in Less Than Two Minutes

Your time is precious. You don’t want to use your one hour converting one file to another format. By using a PDF to PDF/A converter, you can get your PDF/A file in less than two minutes.

You only need to follow four easy steps, which will be discussed below. 

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Protects Your Privacy

A PDF to PDF/A converter is a tool that features a 256-bit encryption technology. This means that no matter how many documents you upload, you can ensure their security. When using this tool, you don’t need to worry about the leakage of your personal information. 

Accessible on Any Platform or Device

Anyone can access this tool in any browser or device, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. It is convenient enough for almost anyone—students, teachers, employees, etc. Since it is available on an original device, you can use it anytime and anywhere. 

Allows Online Access

In today’s world, you can access this tool anytime and anywhere. Just make sure that you are using a device connected to the internet. With that being said, you can share your downloaded PDF/A file to your social media easily. Indeed, this tool is handy and great at the same time. 

Uses a Cloud System

A PDF to PDF/A file converter features a cloud system where you can save your files. After uploading your document to the cloud, you can now simply convert it. You can use this tool without taking up much space to your device capacity.

Final Thoughts

Converting a file to PDF is not enough to preserve its data. If you want your document to last for many years, turn it into PDF/A. 

A PDF/A is a type of PDF that helps in preserving and securing your documents. It eliminates the features that don’t help archive information, such as encryption and font linking. 

The PDF to PDF/A converter is an excellent tool used by students and office employees. It is an easy and simple way to ensure that your PDFs will look exactly after 50 or even 100 years. 

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Convert PDF to PDF/A file now and do not worry about the document’s condition.

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