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10 Great Mac Hacks For New Apple Users to Learn

Did you know that there are more than 100 million people who use Macs regularly around the world? 

Macs are computers that fall within Apple devices that help save time and money when working and studying.

If you have just gotten an Apple computer and want to be more productive, there are many tricks to learn. 

Continue reading to discover the best Mac hacks that new users should learn about!

1.Open a Tab You Closed Out Of 

One of the best Mac hacks to know about is how to open a tab that you closed out.

How many times have you been working on a project or assignment and clicked out of the wrong tab? The next time that you accidentally close out of a tab, press Command, Shift, T. Pressing these keys will open the tab you closed out of.

Your Mac can do this by pulling up the browser history and picking up where you left off. This shortcut works best with the Chrome application.

2.Copy & Paste

People who are used to using a mouse or trackpad with buttons have a difficult time copying and pasting on Macs.

If you are sure how to copy and paste, there are only a few keys to learn. Pressing Command, C after you have highlighted information will copy it. If you want to paste the information, select Command, V. 

Without using the hotkeys, you can copy and paste by highlighting information and pressing the lower right corner of the trackpad. Once you click on the lower right trackpad, all of the right-click options will appear like they would with a mouse. 


Many people use for copying and pasting needs on Mac computers. This is another excellent resource if you are frequently transferring information.

3.Pull up Quick Information 

Did you know that Mac computers have a shortcut for finding quick information?

Mac Spotlight is a computer feature that you can use at any time. You can do calculations and conversions, and find definitions with this easy-to-use feature. You can access Spotlight by selecting Command, Space, or by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen. 

When Spotlight opens, a box to type in will appear. You can put anything you want in the box and Spotlight will either answer the question for you or pull up a source that you can use.

4.Take Screenshots

One of the best Mac hotkeys to know about is Command, Shift, 4. 

By pressing these keys at the same time, you can quickly take a picture of your computer screen. Many people take screenshots on confirmation screens, emails, and conversations. The photos that you take will be uploaded to your computer, typically your desktop.

Taking screenshots can also be helpful if you are trying to help someone navigate a computer program or site. You can take the pictures and mark them up with drawing tools to even draw emphasis to certain details.

5.Search for Specific Text

If you have to pull up information about a specific topic in a sea of information, Mac has a shortcut for you. 

Locating specific information is easy on Macs, just press Command, “F”. After pressing these hotkeys, a small text box will appear for you to type a word or term into.

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Press enter once you have written your word and it will be highlighted on the page every time that it appears. This is great when you are trying to ensure that you provided certain words in your assignments or to gather information. 

Not only can you utilize this hotkey on the internet, but also within your documents on Word or in email.

6.Get Rid of Your App Deck

Are you sick of seeing your app deck at the bottom of your computer screen?

Many people like to remove the app desk so that they can make their applications larger on the screen. Removing the app deck prevents distractions from your work. This is because you won’t be staring at the notifications while working. 

To get rid of the app deck, all you need to do is press Command, Option, D. When you are ready to view the deck again, press the same keys to have it pop back up.

7.Insert Emojis 

Many people are used to communicating on their phones and tablets.

They use Emojis frequently, which makes going to the computer a slight challenge. If you want to show your emotions while communicating with people on your computer, select Command, Control, Spacebar. These hotkeys will pull up the Emoji keyboard. 

Emojis are a fun way to communicate with people you are close with. Although they aren’t the best for workplace emails, they can still help lighten the mood. Not only are there smiley faces, but also helpful icons.

8.Adjust the Volume 

Adjusting the volume is pretty straightforward on Macs, but there is a hack to learn.

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By pressing Shift, Option, and then turning up or down the volume with their designated keys, you can have more control. Without the hotkeys, the volume will adjust by larger increments. If you want to have more control, you can use this trick to get the volume at the perfect level.

9.Turn off Notifications

Turning off notifications on your Mac can be an excellent hack to know about.

When you are trying to focus on assignments or work, notifications can become very distracting. If you want to turn these notifications off, click on your Notification Center Icon. Once you are within this screen, there is a menu bar with the option to select Do Not Disturb. 

Make sure that you are viewing the Today view when turning this shortcut on.

10.Utilize Dictation

If you are sick of typing your notes during the lecture, you could benefit from the dictation feature.

Dictation allows you to click a few buttons and turn information that your microphone picks up into a document. Go to your computer settings and select the Dictation & Speech icon. Once the icon is open, you can turn dictation on. The fn key will enable and disable the feature. 

Mac Hacks You Need to Try 

If you recently got an Apple product, there are many Mac hacks to discover.

By utilizing this guide, you can use Mac shortcuts to save on time and energy. Whether you close out of the wrong tab or need to take a screenshot, some hotkeys will help you get the job done.

Copy and paste keys can also save you time and energy. If you are looking for specific information, don’t forget that you can locate keywords. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about Apple devices and how to use them more efficiently! 

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