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GogoPDF: Incredibly Useful PDF Tools of That You Should Use

In today’s world, you can’t avoid entering the finance industry or even university without being exposed to electronic files. Because media and digital data are all around us, files such as portable document formats and Word documents abound. Consequently, as a member of the rapid age of digital transformation, you should and must be fully furnished or well-equipped.

If you want to know and understand PDF files and other file formats, you won’t be disappointed with GogoPDF. This online software provides over twenty free tools which include remarkable features and properties that you won’t find on other PDF platforms on the web. Let us start with these prominent PDFs that gained popularity among users all around the world.

1.      Lock and Unlock PDF Tool

GogoPDF offers amazing security tools to keep your file protected. It has the protect PDF tool that allows you to encrypt a password to your PDF to prohibit unauthorized users to access it. In addition to that, GogoPDF also provides a password-remover feature that permits you to unlock PDF files that have been encrypted with a password.

To protect your PDF with a password, you must first select the file you want to get locked from your local storage. When uploaded to the server, type the password only you can recognize. Ensure that it has numerals, symbols, and capital letters to meet the server’s requirements for passwords. Then after that code encryption, it’s done. You can send it to your colleagues you trust by emailing them the given URL and just message them privately the password for them to access it. The file is also ready to be downloaded and saved into your local storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

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To remove the password from your PDF, first, submit the password-protected PDF to the GogoPDF’s server. To do this, press the “Select Files” button and browse through your file folders. The feature will then prompt you to enter the last passcode you used and wait a few periods for the unlocking process to finish. Lastly, you can download and save your newly unlocked file to your local storage or even in your Cloud storage system.

2.      Word to PDF Converter

Microsoft Office Word is popular because it is what individuals use to encode or compose their applications, leaflets, essay articles, textbooks, contract terms, and so on. Aside from the fact that it is more advantageous, they can replicate these files at any time via email. The disadvantage of this method is that it may not permit you to send large files because it restricts data files. This is the ideal time for you to seek assistance from GogoPDF. After using its high-tech attributes, this Word to PDF tool has received a lot of positive feedback. It transforms large Docx files to PDF, which is intended to have a small file size so that you can easily send or publish it.

Switching Word documents into PDF is simple, with only four steps to complete before you’re ready to go. Submit a file to GogoPDF’s server by dragging and dropping it or by tapping the “Select Files” button. After that, let the platform inspect and extract text from the pages before clicking “Convert.” Patiently hold a few seconds for the conversion to finalize. After that, you can download and save the newly converted file to your computer, or share it via Google Drive or Dropbox.

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3.      Merger Tool

Even if you think you can tell enough about PDF files, dealing with a large number of them on your computer can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools. With so much going on at school or work, coordinating PDF files should be the least of your concerns. Maybe this merger tool is all you require.

This tool assists you in keeping your computer clutter-free by letting you combine files in the same classifications or topics. This way, you can see all of your tasks in one scroll, which is more visually appealing. You can integrate as many files as you want with GogoPDF, and it will be completed in no time.

4.      Add Number Pages

Using this tool, you can add page numbers to your PDF file. Simply post your file, select the files to which you want to add page numbers, enter your configurations, and begin the process. There are numerous benefits to numbering your pages; for example, you can use numbers to accentuate key details in a report. Furthermore, numbers are simpler to digest on a screen than words.

Also, even if you have the most creative and innovative ideas, if you don’t coordinate them, your writing will always appear like a jumbled puzzle, and your viewer will never know what you’re saying. GogoPDF knows you cannot let that take place to you, and it won’t if you begin taking their tool now.

In a Nutshell

If it is not GogoPDF, you will have a never-ending list of PDF-related problems that will go unresolved or jeopardized. GogoPDF is, without a doubt, the greatest PDF software available on the internet nowadays. If you want to use more of its technologies, you can visit its main website.

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