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How to Study for CompTIA Security+ in 10 Weeks

Cyber security is referred to as the protection of the computer systems from the theft or damage to their hardware, software and electronic data. Cyber security has become an essential part of every organization as the number of cyber-crimes in the world is increasing each day.

 Tips for how to study for CompTIA Security+ in 10 weeks:

  1. Focus on the core skills – The CompTIA Security+ Certification Is designed for the candidate to have competency in the course skills such as, participating in risk mitigation activities, identifying security risk, applying security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability, Providing infrastructure, application, information and operational security, operating with an awareness of applicable policies, and regulations, troubleshooting security events and incidents etc. The “COMPTIA SECURITY PLUS CERTIFICATION” prepares the candidate for an information security analyst, security engineer or security consultant role etc.
  2. Get started with CompTIA Resources – The very first step towards your preparation is to explore CompTIA website. In the SYO 501 certification page you will find an exam overview and a plenty of security plus resources. The 501 certification gives you a study guide layout with everything you want to know before you sit for your exam. The things which are included are study content map directly to the exam objectives, Review questions and a glossary of relevant terms. For the individuals who like classes in the physical mode, CompTIA all first classroom training for its certification exam. And for the individuals who are not able to carry out time for the preparation Comptia Security plus Certification is a good option.
  3. Make a study plan – The best way to prepare for any exam is to build a study plan according to it. Every learner has a different way of learning and this is why Is study plan is important for everyone. Is study plan includes everything which you need to focus for the preparation and most importantly it includes the best learning way for you. Also, there are many videos about specific skill or topic which might be helpful for you. The duration of the videos are not more than 10 minutes and you can easily take out time and watch those if you have any queries.
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 Here are the 10 weeks’ time periods in which you can prepare for the exam.

1st Week – In the first week you will get acquainted with the course which covers the first 10 video nuggets. This focuses on security practices in areas including network design. It also includes few case studies which will help you to get an idea of real world security situations. Time commitment is a little less than three hours.

2nd Week – The second week is to sit for a practice exam. Practice exam helps you to know your week areas and how much you have covered for your exam. Also it is recommended to purchase an exam preparation book to supplement your training. Time commitment is about 4.5 hours.

3rd Week – the third week is about scheduling your exam date. Vic the handful friend approved testing site you should schedule your exam date by now. The benefit of setting an exam date keeps you moving forward to your study goals. Time commitment is 3.5 hours.

4th week – The fourth week is about planning with security in mind. Stop the topics covered in this week should be business continuity, data integrity. Also this weekend being an ideal time to sit for your next practice exam. Time commitment is almost 4 hours

5th Week – Be much careful about which topics to cover. You have to go into the topic such as social engineering threats, attack types and reporting metrics. This week should be concerned about how you can speed up to protect an organization’s data. Time commitment is 3 hours.

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6th Week – This week should be more focused on the tools. There is a saying “a good craftsman knows his tools” The time commitment is about 3.5 hours.

7th Week – In this week you should be prepared to take on data security, multifactor authentication and elements that make up a secure system. In this week you should also have a focus on your exam details. The time duration for your exam is 90 minutes for each practice exam. Also you need to own a score of at least 750 to pass in the exam. What’s the time commitment is It little more than 2 hours.

8th week – By this week you have to enter into cryptography. It is better if you share your training goals with your friend’s family and colleagues and get ready for your last two weeks of reaching the goal. The time commitment is slightly less than 3 hours.

9th week – In this week you have to build your review plan. You need to have a quick revision of every nugget and every video you have studied or watched. The time commitment is a little less than 4 hours.

10th Week – This is the last week of your studies, and this week you’re going to cover social engineering, identity management etc. Review any necessary training, books or notes. Time commitment is almost 4.5 hours.

 These were the details study plan of 10 weeks which are candidate needs to follow in order to pass the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam.


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