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Email Marketing to promote events: essential steps you must take

Do you know what steps to take to do email marketing to promote events? Any company can create an event and each one will be of a different nature depending on the type of business. But if they all have something in common, it is that it is necessary to spread them .

Email marketing can be your best ally. Developing a good emailing strategy will allow you to reach your audience more effectively. Email is one of the most effective channels to attract customers, retain them and keep in touch with your customers.

But best of all, all of these strategies can be automated so that time loss is minimal. Therefore, when you face the creation of an event it is important to plan the entire strategy in advance .

If you want to get the most out of email marketing and maximize your results, don’t miss this short guide on how to use email marketing to promote events step by step.

Email marketing to promote events: why it is so effective

Email marketing is not the only channel that can help you to promote events. However, it is the one that will guarantee you a greater return on investment . Because email marketing is still one of the best strategies to stay in touch with customers . Why? Because:

  • Thanks to mobile devices, people are always connected .
  • Users check their inbox several times a day.
  • You can send highly segmented emails that guarantee the relevance of the information for users.
  • Allows customization of shipments. This improves the brand image and increases conversions .
  • Of all the digital strategies, it is the channel that has the highest ROI , since it requires less investment of time thanks to its automation capacity .
  • It is fully measurable to see if the desired results are being achieved, and “editable” if adjustments need to be made to improve its effectiveness.
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How to plan an email marketing strategy to promote events

There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the most effective channels to reach your customers.

A.-The previous phase of the event: attract attendees

The first step will be to put in place a strategy to recruit attendees. In this way, you will be able to segment and schedule shipments only to those who are going to attend and not to all your customers . Therefore, the smartest thing is to include it in your strategy, although combining it with other channels.

  • Social networks . Don’t forget to include buttons to share the event on social networks. It is the most effective way to increase the scope of the event. Social networks are the perfect place to echo your events since they share that necessary social component so that users are encouraged to attend.
  • Use your blog . Carrying out a pre-planned content strategy for your events is also one of the best resources you can access. It will allow you to create a better list of contacts to promote your events through email marketing and send an event newsletter to those interested.
  • SEM campaigns . Creating segmented ads to promote events is also an effective way to attract attendees and increase your database.

Segmenting shipments is essential to reach those who you think may be the potential attendees of your events. Answering questions such as who is the target audience, what interests do users have or if they are new or old customers can give you a better idea of ​​who you are targeting, in what tone and with what content should you do it.

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Registration forms

Also, try to take the opportunity to request permission from those who register for the event to send them information on future events. Add a check box of type “I am interested in attending your events” in your form and you can create another specific segment of events.

B.- Create a landing page for the recruitment

A good strategy to attract attendees is to have created a landing page where you can centralize the information of the event. The calls to action that you include in your emails should direct users to a landing with a registration form.

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In fact, landing pages have been shown to increase conversions for any marketing campaign . One of the reasons is that you eliminate external distractions for the user and sends him to a page that is completely focused on a single conversion goal.

C.- Plan the sequence of emails for the event

Once you have recruited attendees, you must prepare specific shipments from the promotion phase until after the event. A good strategy may be to start creating expectations a month or a few days in advance . And one of the most effective ways to achieve this is to include a countdown in your shipments.

Planning the frequency and amount of information contained in emails will help you not be too heavy or saturate users. You can ask them for help to spread your event on social networks and thus attract more attendees. In the same way, you can also increase the scope of the content generated by the realization of the event. And if it lasts for several days, you can send a daily summary.

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Essential emails

In any case, there are a series of essential emails in any event. Try to plan them in advance so that your strategy is solid and coherent:

  • Invitation Email : Well in advance of the event you should send your subscribers a first email inviting them to attend the event. Try to make it attractive and make a good description of the event. And of course, don’t forget to offer them vital information about it like date and place . And of course a call to action that redirects them to that fantastic landing you have designed.
  • Confirmation Email : The enrollment confirmation email is a transactional email that should not be missing in an email marketing sequence to promote events. It is important that the user has no doubts that she has successfully registered. In addition, you can improve the user experience by placing a button to add the event to your calendar.
  • Email Reminder : A few days before the event, it is interesting to remind attendees of the time and place. It can also be useful if you need to inform them of any last minute changes.
  • Thank You Email : This type of email is very effective to retain customers and improve your brand image . Make it clear to your customers that you appreciate their participation and invite them to see all the content generated by the event to remind them of the experience.
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After the event, your email marketing campaign does not end to promote events

Do not forget all those users who did not attend the event. You can also send shipments to those who missed it, giving them the chance to discover everything that happened and inviting them to the next event. Plus, you can now start planning your next event and keep your audience informed.

6 Tips to create promotional emails for unforgettable events

Now that you know how to structure an email marketing campaign to promote events, you may need a few tips to make it a resounding success and make an impact on your audience.

1.- Offer an experience

Offering a different experience to users is the key to getting them to attend your events. Try to transmit the essence of the event through all the elements of your brand: the design, the channels, the tone, etc. In addition, it includes storytelling elements . A narrative is the most effective way to convey an experience.

2.- Create an irresistible affair that drives openings

The subject line is one of the key elements of email marketing. It is the first thing that will capture the user’s attention and your success of openings will depend on your ability to impact it . Try to make it informative and concise, but at the same time attractive and original.

3.- Talk about your value proposition

Recipients like to know what to expect from an event. Don’t make false promises or tell ambiguous truths . Clearly state what benefit users will get from attending the event. In this way, you will increase the motivation of those who want to attend.

4.- Testimonies can support your speech

One of the most persuasive things in email marketing to promote events is the testimonials of other users. If it is also the opinions of recognized figures who have attended previous events, better than better. Include them in shipments to promote your events and you will see the number of attendees multiply.

5.- Highlight the details to persuade users

Sometimes success is in the details. Maybe you have focused on putting your value proposition in broad strokes, but the details can make the difference in user decision making.

So it offers users all the details that may influence their motivation. It may even be available transportation to get to the venue on the day of the event.

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6.- Shocking Call to Action

This aspect is essential in the outcome of your entire strategy. The call to Action can be a link or a button. The most important thing is that it is in the visible place, it is extremely clear and that it marks the way for users towards the conversion objective.

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