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Main sources of traffic according to the theme of the websites

The traffic sources according to the theme of the websites may vary. The nature of the website does not determine the best source to receive the largest number of visitors. Although it is possible that deriving traffic from one channel or another is more appropriate depending on the theme of a page.

It is well known that getting a lot of traffic is very important for any blog or website. No site could stand a chance of long-term success if it doesn’t get enough visitors .

Although sometimes a source can send a large amount of traffic to a website, this does not mean that these visitors are of quality. For example, it can happen that many people come to your blog through organic searches. But it may also have a lot of rebounds. And yet, the few visits from referred traffic stay much longer on it and read other content.

What are the traffic sources for?

The main use of traffic sources is to know what the channels are so that visitors to a web page reach it. For the SEO department they are important since they allow us to know if the strategy used is being effective.

For example, it allows them to discover if the keyword positioning is correct, if the backlinking strategy is good or if the campaigns are having positive results.

In the same way, it is also essential for the marketing department to analyze the different sources of traffic. Web analytics offers valuable information on all kinds of marketing strategies . From how content strategies , social networks, or even web design issues are working.

Traffic sources according to the theme of the websites are the best way to know which channels are the most prominent and, therefore, take better advantage of the tools available to enhance each of them. At the same time, others can be improved so that the general traffic of a page also increases.

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There are many ways to generate traffic to a website. For each of the main traffic sources there are hundreds of strategies that can be implemented. However, many companies are too focused on methods that generate more traffic. But they never observe the effectiveness of traffic sources according to the theme of the websites.

This is a big mistake. A huge amount of traffic is not equivalent to a huge amount of conversions . And perhaps it pays more to focus on specific strategies for certain sources depending on the type of page than on attracting visitors at all costs.

What determines that a traffic source is of value

The amount of visitors that each of the sources brings is not synonymous with quality. It also does not guarantee that sales or conversions will increase. Traffic sources according to the theme of the websites may or may not be effective. But what is true is that for a source to be of value it has to:

  • Do not cause bounces . All the traffic that as soon as it arrives and bounces is useless and also greatly damages the SEO of your website. In fact, bounce rate often has to do with the design and loading time of a page . But, above all, most of the time it is due to the fact that the traffic source does not coincide with the objectives of the visitor and the results obtained.
  • End up generating some kind of basic action. Whenever a user comes to your website, the idea is that they end up taking some action, even if it is basic. For example, it could be about sharing some content on social networks, or following a link to other content, etc. This is usually a sign that you have come from a fairly well-planned traffic source.
  • End up generating a conversion. This is really the goal of any web page. This is where the visitor subscribes to a mailing list or buys a product or service that you are promoting. These conversions are usually the reason why all websites seek to obtain traffic in the first instance. Therefore, the number of conversions that occur from each of the sources is a sign that a traffic source is really good.
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Traffic sources according to the theme of the websites

Although the smart thing is to always diversify traffic sources, the importance of analyzing the traffic on your website has become clear. And it is that discovering which are the visitors that convert the most and through which channel they are arriving is very useful to improve conversions.

This can help you improve your marketing efforts and implement the best strategies to ensure that your visitors will not come to your website due to any mistake. Although it is necessary to clarify that there are no better sources of traffic according to the theme of the websites.

But there are sources that may be more common in one or the other. One of the biggest references in web traffic analysis is the Amazon Alexa assistant. He recently published a study where he explains which are the main sources of traffic according to the theme of the websites.

1.- Direct traffic: businesses, banks and hobbies

Direct traffic is traffic in which users access the web by directly typing the URL in the navigation bar. Getting visits through direct traffic is very positive. Suppose your page is known and has a good reputation . In addition, the user is more likely to have a real intention to reach it and therefore take some action on it.

According to this study, the highest percentages of direct traffic correspond to the business and personal finance sectors . Users when they need to use their online banking usually enter the URL in the search engine. The same happens if they need to enter your customer profile.

The personal interests and hobbies pages also top the list. One of the reasons may be that these are pages that users bookmark. And this is recorded as direct traffic as well.

2.- Organic traffic: automotive, travel, home and garden

Organic traffic is traffic that comes as a result of searching browsers for keywords. Perhaps it is the most relevant type of traffic for a website since it is the main witness of the effectiveness of the implemented SEO strategy.

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The most effective way to drive organic traffic is to do good content marketing . After all, well-optimized content will be more easily indexed .

Organic is part of search traffic, which in turn also includes paid traffic. This is one that comes from SEM or PPC ad campaigns.

The sectors that stand out the most in this regard are automotive, travel and home and garden. These are types of businesses in which customers make many comparisons before making a purchase. To do this, they enter the search terms in the browser and begin their research.

3.- Social traffic: news and information

This type of traffic is, as its name indicates, that which comes from the different social networks. It must be made clear that traffic generated by services such as Facebook or Instagram Ads is considered paid traffic and not social.

In this sense, content also plays a very important role in redirecting users to the page. And although all kinds of pages that have a presence in networks must work these channels, there is a sector that stands out as social traffic.

These are the news, weather and information sectors in which social traffic has a very important weight. Normally, all the media have a presence on social networks. And, in fact, many users use the networks to inform themselves and in a certain way, help to spread them by sharing them on their profiles.

4.- Referred traffic: blogs

The last type of major traffic sources referred, which is of great importance, for example, for blogging. Referred or “referral” traffic are those visits that come from links found on other websites.

When you have a blog, getting external links is one of the most effective strategies to improve positioning . Especially when these links come from pages that have high domain authority .

It is a way for Google to consider your content quality and relevant because it links from a site that is reliable and well positioned.

In this category, the one that receives the most referred traffic is “non-standard” content. In other words, the blogs and forums that receive the most referral links from other websites.

There are no traffic sources according to the theme of the specific websites for each of them. But it is very interesting to analyze traffic in order to design the best marketing strategies and increase your website conversions.

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