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Reasons why your ecommerce needs unique product descriptions

Unique product descriptions are one of the most important ingredients to achieve a good level of sales on the Internet. Thanks to them, persuading the user to finish buying is much easier.

In mid-April, growth in ecommerce  retail sales increased 146% on all online retail orders. According to data obtained by  Quantum Metric . 

The ecommerce sector is a very competitive world. You should not forget that there are millions of online stores and that the product offer is very wide. Therefore, you need to implement strategies that are truly transcendental and that get users to opt for your brand against the competition.

The value of unique product descriptions

What you do that no one else can do. The ingredients in your formula, the unique benefits of your product. It is the data that makes your unique product descriptions truly special. Well, every phrase, word, trigger used contributes to the construction of your brand identity.

That which you make your clients feel when they read you. What makes a big difference between selling and falling in love. This occurs because your customers’ purchasing decisions are motivated by how you make them feel when they read the information about what they want to buy.

What this means is that shopping is emotional. Some studies indicate that 95% of the decisions people make come from the subconscious .

Understanding this helps set goals based on the emotions you want your project to identify. What you really want to convey.

The definition and management of these elements is precisely what sets the course of your clients ‘or potential clients’ journey. What makes your product go from being a concern to a possibility, and from a possibility to a purchase and return to your e-commerce .

What are unique product descriptions?

The unique product descriptions are the text, which puts your customers in context when they see the different products you offer in an ecommerce and that explain what it is, its characteristics and the reason why customers should add it to their carts. shopping.

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The objective of unique product descriptions is to explain without great detours or noise the value of your product so that visitors to an e-  commerce store do not hesitate to buy it.

Unique product descriptions, when done right, have the ability to inform, convince, and educate a buyer or potential new buyer about the benefits you will gain if you choose to make your products a part of their life.

There are a number of questions that you should answer during the planning process for your product descriptions. Only in this way will you ensure that the user gets all the information they need to make a decision:

  • What exactly are you selling?
  • What is the manufacturing material and where is it made?
  • What is your competitive advantage ?
  • What are its functions ?
  • What benefits does it bring to the buyer?

How does creating unique product descriptions benefit you?

Unique product descriptions have two very important objectives within our sales strategies, and these are:

  • Increase conversion rates.
  • Make you visible and memorable to customers.

Typically, unique product descriptions create context that puts visitors in position and makes you visible in their awareness. Therefore, assuming its importance benefits you to boost your brand.

Unique product descriptions, to make them more effective. They must have the ability to fire the sensory memory engine of page visitors  through stories.

Stories with which they can feel so identified that they can perceive – just by reading. How it is to live an everyday day with the presence of that product. Making them understand how that, what you are offering, solves situations that complicate their lives. Remember that telling stories that activate the memory trigger makes you present and remembered.

How to write product descriptions

Although the soul of an ecommerce is good quality products, there are two factors that mobilize it: images and unique product descriptions. The latter are the ones that provide the SEO benefit that brings users to your page from search engines

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1.- Understand the buyer

Something companies and content creators need to understand is that in order to attract customers, you sometimes need to put yourself in their place. Understanding who your customer is and what they need from you can help you write better descriptions and make a positive impact on your sales.

Well, as interesting, wonderful and incredible as your product is, if your unique product descriptions fail to convey a positive feeling and arouse the interest of users, rest assured that you will not achieve greater results.

Given the impossibility of being able to measure a garment or try, touch or smell a product, the buyer must get an idea that is most similar to the reality of the item that you are offering.

And this is where empathy works. Unique product descriptions should encourage the user to see the product clearly in their minds. And this will help build consumer confidence and promote a purchase decision.

Keywords to understand the markets

One of the most important keys in an ecommerce is the use of keywords because, in them, you will find the search intentions of the users you want to reach. When a user types a word into the search engines, it is because he has a problem that he needs to solve.

It is important to keep this in mind when writing the unique descriptions of your products. You must be able to optimize your texts so that they allow you to sell, without selling. An exercise that can help you do this is to write your unique product descriptions, responding as if you were your buyer. What is this product that works for me? What for?

2.- Do not sell the typical

Any unique product description you write must be creative . But, in addition, it must be consistent with your marketing actions. Ultimately, your product description should tell a story and sell an experience . It may sound very hackneyed, but visitors need to associate ideas with brands so they want to buy them.

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You could tell stories like where the ingredients in your formula come from. Also, talk about everything you had to go through to achieve that texture, or condition of your product. These are some of the stories with which you could start your conversation to sell.

3.- Pay attention to details

Details are important but don’t be bombastic. Strive to generate value in each of your unique product descriptions. The excess of adverbs or chatter also weakens the intentions of a text. Make it a goal to review each of your copies as if it were a questionnaire prepared by your clients.

Avoid promises and talk about concrete results. Share in your unique product descriptions why your brand, your reason for being. To the extent that you can answer as many questions in a text, you can avoid doubts by generating concrete actions .

4.- That the price is not a brake

At the moment when a client finds your product on his screen, he does not know all the hours of work, materials and effort that you have invested in creating it. What makes you not understand why it has the price it has. Transmit the value of your product, and convince users to be willing to pay.

Being honest and enthusiastic, work each of your content thinking of your ideal client, the one who will not think if it is expensive, since you have made it clear that your product is the one that best suits their needs. To achieve this, you can take advantage of specific keywords that can help you be in the first results of the search engines .

5.- Includes testimonials from other clients

Most online shoppers, before making the decision to experiment with a product for the first time or click on the name of an online store, the first thing they do is check the opinions or reviews of other users .

The most powerful organic means of communication is word of mouth . When another person recommends a product, the mirror neurons are activated again and the prescriber manages to project his experience to the potential client.

If you need to achieve greater visibility for your products, you should know that it is not only necessary to create unique descriptions. Another of the most interesting strategies is to create Product Display Ads campaigns. 

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