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Steps to take to integrate SEO in Front-end and Back-end development

Do you know how to integrate SEO into Front-end and Back-end development of your site? SEO is a concept that must be present in all phases of a digital marketing strategy. Still, there are still companies that do not understand its importance and relegate it to the background.

This decision always ends up causing technical and positioning errors that do not always have a solution. For this reason, it is essential to integrate SEO in Front-end and Back-end development from the moment the project website is born. 

The good SEO should start from the moment you decide to create your own website . A good house starts with the foundation, and in order for yours to be solid and effective, you have to follow a series of rules. And remember, laying the last brick is not the end, then another equally important part begins: maintenance.

Basic rules to integrate SEO in Front-end and Back-end development

There are multiple aspects to which you should pay attention if you want your positioning to be optimal. Never forget that your success depends on all being correctly implemented. 

Correctly b design the structure of your pages

It is essential to identify the content with labels that help Google to know the value of the text for the user. This is known as a content hierarchy. All the pages of your website must meet these requirements:

Take care of the page loading speed

Google has always taken into consideration the loading speed of web pages. But since it introduced the “ Google Speed ​​update ” algorithm in 2018, it has become a determining factor for SEO. 

According to the search engine, the average total load time of a page should not exceed 22 seconds . To avoid breaking this rule and favor a quick load, you have to optimize all resources. The higher the loading speed , the more possibilities of obtaining high traffic for your site. And all this has a positive impact on your positioning.

To achieve this goal, try to follow the steps below:

Don’t forget any tag

When you are immersed in the development of the Back-end you have to keep in mind the following distinctive features:

Includes friendly URLs

All content on a website must be identified by a url. Each must have a hierarchy that defines the content type for the crawlers. Google prioritizes user-friendly urls that link keywords to content and that are semantically understandable.

A properly made link makes things much easier for the user. When it is shown in the search results list, it will be possible to see what type of content the page contains.

The structure of a website has to be basic, clear and easy to trace. For this, when you are thinking about how to integrate SEO in Front-end and Back-end development, you have to keep in mind the following 3 basic principles :

Use and configure Google Analytics correctly

Many times, when it comes to integrating SEO into Front-end and Back-end development, you overlook the importance of the Google tool. The truth is that much of Back-end development is based on implementing Google Analytics on your website. You have to consider these tips if you want to obtain reliable information for your strategies.

Introduce all the elements of SEO and web analytics

To integrate SEO in Front-end and Back-end development, all the main elements of this technique must be introduced. To do this, the first step is to have Google Analytics correctly configured . In the following you will have to add the following components:

Don’t forget that the mobile version is also important

In 2018 Google launched Mobile First, the indexation focused on mobile devices . Now, it has just announced that  its algorithm will give more importance to search results through mobile devices for all websites The mobile version will determine the positioning of a page. Therefore, it is essential to have it when you consider integrating SEO in Front-end and Back-end development.

If you still do not have a mobile version of your website, you can choose several options to do so. The Responsive design is the most common option, although an alternative to value is the duplicate URLs . If you decide on the latter, make sure that your new site meets these requirements:

Without a doubt, integrating SEO into Front-end and Back-end development will help improve the positioning of your website. But if you want to make a big jump, you need the help of an expert hand. 

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